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another one of those tracker problems


New Member
Apr 28, 2004
well i've been trying to download the videos via bittorrent for a long time now...and i always get errors with the tracker. even though some posts say the tracker is fixed...it never seemed to work. i downloaded the ABC bit torrent also, still doesnt work. the download turns "red" which i assume is another tracker problem. i then though, maybe i have to be a registered user to download, but it still doesnt seem to work for me ever...help anyone? please?
When the download turns red, it's not a problem. At least with ABC that is. WHen I open ABC and the torrent checks to see how much is completed, it then turns red for a bit. You should see the #connected increase as you connect to other people. After a coupla secs you should see that the download speed is increasing and the text will turn green. As far as connection problems, maybe Viper or someone can help out, I don't know much about it.
newenegue said:
That's the problem right there. Your ISP has blocked it or something as I can connect to it right now.

Do a search for "hosts" I believe it is and you can manually tell Windows that that domain is XXX IP. Then it should work.
thanks guys...after restarting the computer it seems to work. its connected to at least one person so far haha.