Anthony Bourdain

lol nice... i just thought I had missed the last two episodes of season 5 somehow (shame on me) and wanted to post about the lovely beirut episode, only to discover in here that there's new stuff coming next week! awesome! :)
List on wikipedia:

No. in
No. in
145"Prime Cuts: Season Five"September 27, 2015
A retrospective of season five and preview of season six.
246"Cuba"September 27, 2015
347"Marseille, France"October 4, 2015
448"Okinawa, Japan"October 11, 2015
549"Ethiopia"October 18, 2015
650"Bay Area"October 25, 2015
751"Borneo"November 1, 2015
852"Istanbul"November 8, 2015
953"Charleston, SC"November 15, 2015

Those do sound rather good.
I am a little at a loss as to what he could possibly want in Cologne. I've probably been there a houndred times, that place has never registered in my mind as a culinary destination at all. Also, I plain don't like Cologne :p

Edit: I just realized I could've watched that first episode yesterday night... Oh well, tonight it is!
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Oh gods I didn't even think of that possibility o_O But seeing as the Manila episode was filmed during christmas, that is actually quite probable... damn it!
For some reason I was kinda underwhelmed by the first episode. Bit indifferent about it.
We met some of these bar people last time Bourdain was in Chicago. I wanted to see more regional food and focus on the problems we hear about on the rest of CNN. Like the corruption and violence etc. Also Lupe Fiasco looks like a massive tool.
New season :D

Bold move by the president to want to appear on a show like that. Could you ever imagine Trump doing the same? Lmao.
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Nearly 10 years after starting this thread;

RIP. :cry:

My culinary and cultural awareness would be nothing without this guy. All the shows he made or was associated with, were amazing.

3 more episodes of Parts Unknown. After that, I will have no excuse to not travel a lot more on my own.
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