Any fans of chinese hot pot/japanese shabu shabu?


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Nov 21, 2006
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Translation: group/family eating with meats and vegetables dipped and cooked in boiling water/broth either mild or spicy.

Chinese style hot pot becomes particular odorous and sticks in your clothes and hair, quite satisfying on a cold winter day but tends to have unforeseen bathroom consequences the following day, usually due to all the hot spicy oil



meat & fish balls


sliced beef & lamb


fried tofu


god i love Shabu Shabu. Do you ever try to take the broth home with you when the meal is done? They never let me take it at the restaurants i go to and it just kills me because i know it would make the most amazing soup.
I need to find a restaurant that offers that, it looks wonderful. I'm a fan of do-it-yourself food.
Went to shabu shabu place with some friends on xmas eve, nice dinner


soy & peanut based dipping sauces


veggies and tofu


udon noodles to put in the soup at the end of the meal


wagyu beef


cooked beef with soup boiling in background


some other dishes, cream croquette & grilled pork with garlic/ginger sauce



cooked spinach w black sesame sauce & seeds

I had it for two meals in a row this past weekend at home. Same pot, same ingredients, even richer broth the second time around. Mmmmm.
I don't eat meat out and have allergies to nuts, sesame and shellfish. this makes the many hot pot places near me a no-no. however, if i could figure out how to do this at home ,especially with all of the fixins, i'd be a happy man.
I read about it before, but sadly never had the chance to try it.
Looks awesome!
I've had it in Japan a few times, the last two were in Restaurant Yo in Niseko

and then Mansei Youshoku in the Akihabara district in Tokyo (7th floor I think, look for the giant cow).

I didn't get a decent photo of the broth, but this was the second course. We were the third couple in there, and the only ones that weren't Japanese, so it was a bit awkward, especially trying to take photos.

The first time I tried it funnily enough was in Copenhagen.
My wife and I tried this last time we were in Washington D.C. and it was delicious! The split broth was called "The 50/50" half was mild and the other half was as spicy as you wanted it (we got very spicy) both sides were good but the spicy side was our favorite. Next time we leave the sticks and head back we will be trying it again.