Any germans want to help me?


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Mar 5, 2007
All the talk about the packstation... I'm rather sure, that a child seat won't fit. Package size is limited... I ordered a shower rack a couple of weeks ago, and it couldn't get delivered because one side of the package was larger than 50 or 60 cm... not exactly sure BUT... you can use all DHL shops as packstation now..
yes, but still useless since you need registration wich you won?t get unless you have a german home-adress.

Dunno if this is still even relevant time-wise, but using a baby-store like Baby-one is your best bet. Phone ahead to ask if they have it in stock and when there, haggle a bit. "I found it for 20? less on amazon" is worth a shot for a discount. They actually give discounts in german stores when you haggle, especially when you?re buying for some 100 euro. Most stores will try to get close to cheap online-prices when you push for it and selling it for a tiny profit is still better then not selling it at all ... ;)

edit: on second thought - amazon also uses Hermes and you can have Deliveries be send there to their shops without any Registration AFAIK. Dunno how that works (also you don?t always get the choice of carrieres at amazon, depending on products), happy DHL-Packstation Customer here ...
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Feb 18, 2007
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Well, you just go to a Hermes shop and show them your ID and get your package. But the problem is.. when you order something from Amazon you can't specifically chose that they sent it with Hermes.. but they might do that by themselves if you chose a Hermes Shop as delivery address..