Any of you here professional racers??


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Mar 21, 2005
Carrickmacross, Ireland
BMW E46 318 CI
So 10 years later I resurface to good old FinalGear, a lot has changed in the past decade, having joined with a passion for cars and anything to go with it, being an active member, I had quite a few dreams, one of which was always to be involved in Motorsports, so I did what I thought was the best thing to do, do an Engineering degree in cars... but to cut to the chase, I finally got the guts to pursue another old dream, to pursue Motorsport as a driver, in whichever form it may come my way...

So wanted to ask any of you here involved in any fun races (weekend, amateur, pro) whatever... What tips do you have...

I am based in UK so have done what I think was the best to do, apply for my ARDS National B Race License. I have my whole day course at Silverstone on the 12th and will be tested on the same day.. Any of you folks done something similar? And any tips (I know flags flags flags.. know my flags!!)

I am quite anxious, but excited at the same level!!


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Dec 21, 2015
IIm not a professional I am only 19, trying to save up enough for Skip Barber classes since they sometimes use Lime Rock since it's literally in my state. They say its better to start young and do carting but I am not that privileged. Good luck with your stuff bud!
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