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Any website designers around??? Make some $$$


Nov 11, 2004
Milwaukee, WI
Hey guys,
I need help with the design of my hosting website. I'm currently using Mambo CMS, and it's ok, but I need to liven it up a bit, since right now it's kind of plain. I'm willing to pay for it, but I would prefer to stay with Mambo as it is very easy to maintain and update.
If anyone has experience and skills for website design, either post here, or shoot me a PM.

Thanks in advance
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
I do it for a couple companies, but I'm expensive and I suck, so I wouldn't recommend myself.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Thats an amazing way of saying : " I am the best, pick me... I work for....... "

I like it....man i was laughing like hell for about ten mins...

I have a site too.....on geocities :lol: :lol:
massy said:
My l33t web design skills: http://www.bondue.be


No offense, dude, I mean, my HP is a php Gallery kit... But you really shouldn't advertise with that...

^ It's just a vacationing home. I think the site serves it's purpose (giving the customer a few pics to get a impression). And the name Edelweiss certainly makes up for everything. :lol:
I do web design.
^^ I do!

Oh, and vladmitu, your sister looks quite good! You really shouldn't post her page in here... It'll get a shitload of traffic!


Can I ask what needs to be done and how much it pays?

This way we won't waste each others time

I think you should hire zerosignal :)
bihus said:
^^ Renesis doesn't think so... :tease:


never said he wasn't good, I just don't like the style of FG... but I'm sure he's talented and could make something I'd like if I was his customer