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Anybody good with Daemon tools?


Jan 3, 2005
OK, when I try to mount images, I get them mounted, but Daemon tools doesn't specify a drive letter. Not even manually. I just updated to the latest version but that didn't solve anything.

Anybody able to help?
could you be less clear? I don't understand what the problem is..

did you select the # of drives you want? it's 0 per default.
2 devices set.

you know when you click the D-tools icon it should say something like:

Device 0: [G:] C:\images\image1.img

Well, mine says:

Device 0: [ ] C:\images\image1.img

...and the "drive" doesn't show up in My Computer like it should
Weird... o_O

Did it. Twice. No help.

I guess it's no Flatout playing for me then :(
Full uninstall and then reinstall?
Yeh i tried Daemon tools, but Alcohol 120% is the easiest and best to use :thumbsup:
I'll give it a try
wtf, what did they think, making a program used by warez people and expecting THEM to PAY for this program???


dumbasses :thumbsdown:
Also Alcohol 120% refuses to work. Goddamn :x

Anyway thanks for the help