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anyone good at photoshop?

justin syder

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Dec 8, 2003
New York, USA
1986 Mercedes-Benz 300E
anyone good at photoshop, could you eidted these three pics to look black, make the car black. like in the first pic.



edit these,



uh why? the car isn't even modded, it would be way asier to find other pics of black stock TL's
i tried. that first one is the only one i found, oh and like two small ones.

whats wrong with just wanting it black??
nothing but it'll never look as good as a real pic of a black one and someone will lose his time doing that.

but yeah, pics of black TL's look rare
i would give it a go, but i can't see the pics...
They are all 404.

Justin: www.imageshack.**
i got your pm....black didn't come out looking so hot so i didn't even save it...
sorry, i tried though...
thanks for the effort. :wink:
Wat are you using? I use Paint Shop Pro to edit stuff. As you can see I edited my Fiat Punto, it is originally black. I haven't seen the car, but if you send it to me, I can give it a try...
Photoshop...it's not that i don't know how to use it or anything, changing color of cars isn't hard, but changing it to black and getting good results isn't the easist thing in the world.
ok, very nice to see guys eager to have a try at it.

basically try this pic, http://fast-autos.net/acura/tl17.jpg

eventually, if anyone wants to, i'd like have 26 pics done in black at,

its alot , i know but i would really appreciate it. my father has a black 2004 TL and there r no black pics on the net and he wanted black pics as his screensaver.

if anything, have a go at the first pic, unless u have the time or really want to try the other pics.

thanks guys. :)
yeah just like Raider007 said it's difficult to make a car black. I tried something but the only way I could get it black was by using the paintbrush. And then you wouldn't get the shade and reflections and stuff wich you would get if you wanted it to be blue or something. So maybe there are some guys with better knowledge/programs who can help you..

btw. Why don't you make some pics of your fathers car then? If he's got a black one :?: Or am I missing something here?
the scenery of the pics are better than scenery we could get. and i dont have a good quality camera.

plus its faster to edit the pics than to look for a good background, take pics then put them in the comp.

(waiting on sir dude with fingers crossed :? )
I did find some pictures of the black one, not high res pics, but you can check this out

oh and by the way, what is the difference between the (?European version?) Honda Accord and the (?American version?) Acura TL??
The front has a lot in common with the Accord but the rear is different.
I presume the american version has a bigger engine, but what is it with the badges and stuff? Something like Opel and Vauxhall????
the euro accord is sold here as the Acura TSX, and the TL is based on the Yank accord
Nor do I support the white Honda banner splitting the BMW logo in half.
Guess there's a bit of an MC. Esher type of thing going with that one :lol: .
nonono, observe, the honda logo is running away from the all powerful BMW :twisted: