Anyone here speak Norwegian? [SPOILER!]

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Just joking...

I think that Kebab gud, the guy who put those pictures before, could translate the texts
I can do it later today maybe tomorrow, if nobody has done it before :)
Ok here is a translated short version of the articles posted:

Top Gear is making a Olympic special.
They have recorded several different elements:

In the Lillihammer 94 olympic K120 ski jump the have launched a Mini fitted with rockets down the ski jump.
They also sendt The Stig down the K90 ski jump on a snow scooter.

On the flats below the ski jump, several cars have taken part in an ice hockey match.

On the Birkebeineren which also was used in the 94 olympics. Was used for a biathlon, where they shot out of the trunk of an 4x4 with a submachine gun.

In Vikingskipet (also used in the 94 olypics as a ice skateing ring) The Stig vent up against the Norwegian Olympic ice skater Eskil Eirvik in an Jaguar XK with studded tyres.
Another Norwegian article (says about the same as the other ones) and a few stills... NRK also rigged up a camara with a telelens outside the stadium as the stig had his go with the skidoo.
NRK Video from NRK WebTv, asx file, IE only To play open a window with the web, let the popup window open. The in a new IE window, enter the url in the link..NRK Video from NRK WebTv, asx file, IE only
I have an even more interesting idea...down the Downhill slope at Kvitfjell, where the skiers hit about 140km/h :thumbsup:
Viper, you may want to check the message in the news ... remember, we're not releasing anything ... however, everyone knows where it can be found :bangin:
2point8 said:
I couldnt make sense of what christan is telling us to do to see the video, but i did find a direct link to a pop up of the video by poking around on the site. Click the link and let the popup open (hold control for IE)

My english isn' to good... :mrgreen: or it maybe it was me trying to get the nrk player working in firefox that caused some confusion. 8)
There was a bit in the latest issue of top gear magazine about it.

The winter months are normally a quiet time at the telly programme. But not this year. Beacuse Clarkson, Hammond and the other bloke have just returned from Norway, where they've filmed the Top Gear winter olympics Special. You'll find all the usual disciplines, with the added bonus that the guys compete in cars; partly because ti's nice and warm in a car, but mainly beacuse Jeremy is about as fit as Rik Waller.
So, we kick off with the biathalon, the classic combination of cross country skiing and shooting, but our competitors- May and Clarkson- tackle the gruelling course in the new Audi Q7 SUV, and the benchmark Volvo xc90. It's worth watching for Jeremy's shhoting alone. Only The Matrix used more bullets.
Next we take on Norway's top speed-skater in the new Jaguar XK, with Jeremy Torvill at the wheel; while out in the wilds of Lillehammer, Hammond is rounding up the local rally drivers for a game of ice hockey- using the new suzuki swift. Ice hockey is one of the most violent games in earth, and our vesion is no different.
Finally, a ski jumper does one of those amazing leaps they do from the top of a 120-metre ramp and challenges us to beat his distance-with a car. Now normally this would be impossible, but 1.5 tonnes of rocket thrust does lower the odds.
So there it is; all the olympics stand for-sportsmanship, courage, endeavour- out of the window. Tune in. With a Lager :beer:

Andy Wilman, executive producer TG TV
Sweet, only 3 days to wait! :thumbsup:
Found this in Hammond's motoring column in The Mirror:

How we rigged up a quick game of ice hockey.. with 10 Suzuki Swifts

ONE of the best things about working on Top Gear - apart, of course from the company of my esteemed colleagues - is that most of the time, we are simply doing for real the things that get talked about in pubs.

If someone says, "I wonder if you could play conkers with caravans?" we are there to find out.

It only takes a bloke with a mouthful of crisps and lager to wonder if it's possible to beat a light aircraft back from the
Truffle grounds of Italy in a ?840,000 Bugatti Veyron, and there we are, setting off on yet another voyage of discovery.

Still, few of the stunts we have carried out have had the class, the spectacle and the scale of our now
legendary car football match last year using 10 brand-new Toyota Aygos.

It was a huge success and everything got broken, including the ball.

You might think then, that we have peaked. But oh no. In the course of filming our Winter Olympic Top Gear Special
(Sunday, 9.10pm, BBC2), we came up with a game to rival car football in its passion, spectacle and, of course, its violence.

We're the first in the world, I believe, to play car ice hockey. It's not a complicated recipe but it is a tricky one to get
together down your local, which is sort of why we did it, to save you the bother.

First, you need a pitch. We used the large, icy patch at the foot of the Olympic ski jump ramp in Lillehammer, Norway.

Next you need a puck, which they use in ice hockey. No problem we made a large, inflatable one and filled it with snow to give it proper weight.

Next, you need players' we chose a selection of local Norwegian rally driving heroes, all called Bjorn. Norwegians,
you see, spend their lives driving around in conditions that would have you or me cowering indoors under the duvet.

Then you need the cars: we used 10
brand-new Suzuki Swifts, a really stonking little city car which gives all the nippy manoeuvrability you need in a fast-paced game like ice hockey.

The match started well, with some skilled slithering from the Norwegians and some courageous but uncontrolled nonsense from copresenter James May and me.

Unlike car football, where the ball continues to bounce after you've clouted it with the bonnet, in car ice
hockey you have to stay with the puck, shoving it along with the car's nose while everyone else makes ramming manoeuvres.

In real ice hockey, the teams have players whose specific task is to take out members of the opposing lot using extreme violence.

It didn't take long - I saw several cars engaged in fights where they would back up and ram each other several times, despite being nowhere near the puck.

Needless to say, pretty much everything got broken, but I think the puck survived.

You can see it for yourself on Sunday.
And if you have any great ideas for car sports, let me know. We need to think what to play next.

There was passion and, of course, violence
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