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Anyone here use Skype?


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Dec 14, 2004
Allen, TX USA
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I just started playing with it - pretty cool!
i use it quite often. not for online talking though, thats alspo possible in msn ;)
but i use skype to call regular phones, prices are worldwide about 7-8cents per minute depending on the country, comes in handy when u have lots of relatives abroad :thumbup:
i call reguralry, and so far i prepaid twice for 10euros for the last year or so and i still have some credits left, never had a problem, connection clear, no distortion or so.
Same here, used it couple of times for international calls because it's so cheap. But I'm not a fan of online talking. Especially in english... I can write and read, but really bad at talking :unsure:
i use it for international calls or when im to lazy to grab my cell phone. BUt most of the time i use Ventrilo to talk to all my friends.