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Anyone interested in personalized date/times on the site?


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Sep 21, 2003
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If people are interested, I'll code up personalized times in the news. I'll have a dropdown where you pick your timezone and then I'll write a script that'll adjust the times on the site.

Anyone interested in this?
jeah it would be great!!
Why I have a clock in my room....or am I missing something?

If it's something small I really don't care, you can probably spend your time better on other things :)
Currently the news post times are in my timezone.

And yeah, I guess I should put something like this at the bottom of my list, heh. :)
this would be nice but not a priority. :thumbsup:
Yeah, that'd be nice but like the others said not a priority. TBH, I don't even see the point of it. All that matters would be the actual date.
I'd have to go with the guys above, a date is all that's needed, no need to be too precise, waste of time. Plus everyone knows what's new and what they've read already.
The date is really all that matters, unless you're posting tons of stuff constantly...