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appears as-though i dont hav a remote connection while D/L


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Jul 12, 2004
Sydney, Australia
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im tryin 2 download tha NOV23rd '03 episode of top gear & my health is yellow. it sez that tha trackers are ok & that im connected 2 peers but theres no remote connection... it also sez i might hav a NAT problem (whateva that is)
can sum1 help plz!!
Ok how about you:

1.Start to spell correctly
2 Don't use bold for all your post

that would be a good start so let's say this post doesn't exist and we never saw it. Just start again for the better ok? :) and welcome BTW
Holy fuck, that made my head hurt just reading it... :shock:

Anyway, a yellow status indicator means that you are firewalled. Are you on a school connection? At home with a router? Running Windows XP? We need details.
What kind of router?

Done anything with port-forwarding?

Your posts hurt my head as well!
i havnt touched tha port forwarding stuff, i dun even know what it does!
i'v started 2 use ABC & that seems 2 work ok...its flyin at 4k/s YeY! thanks 4 help
Read the manual on your router. Pretty much, it involves going to the IP of the router, logging in and telling it to forward all incoming data on a port or range of ports to your computer.