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Apple iPod


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Jun 4, 2004
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Could someone with an iPod please tell me how to reset your iPod... I would like to delete everything on it
Settings - Reset all settings

if you're talking about removing everything, just format it
Renesis said:
Settings - Reset all settings

if you're talking about removing everything, just format it
How do i do that?... I'm not very good with these iPod things :p... All i do is whenever i plug in the iPod... it updates the songs i have on my iTunes automatically
you can turn off that annoying auto-download crap on itunes its (i think) on the bottom right corner there is a ipod button press that and just turn off the auto download thing

i really dont know but i think there is a "format ipod" option if you right click the ipod in itunes. i dunno but good luck!
use the ipod controler firmware thing that installs when you install the ipod/itunes.
it basically formats your drive and resets everything...

it's in your c:\programs files\ipod directory, the updater thing i beleive gives you that option
today i got out my car and my ipod fell out my pocket and hit in to the door, then it swung and hit the curb and now my ipod has a sharp cornner. its almost like a blade! it scraped my work table and shit. gonan get my 3rd one off the warrenty. btw my friend in hk took his ipod (the one with 4 buttons) to service and they ran out of them so they gave him the newest one. moreover he got 5G more as he had the 15G old version (old version as in the one b4 the newest one) however i am wondering if i do that, i will get riped off as the new ones are cheaper by 600 bucks in HK and the same everywhere else

what are ur verdict?S
hey jasonchiu... can you try if it works... cuz if it does... I wna try it with my iPod when I get back :D
cvrefugee said:
Just get a new one ;)
I've been nice and let you keep the sig, but don't start advertising it please. ;)