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April Exercise #2 RESULTS *56k warning*


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Nov 27, 2003
Quebec, Canada
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So yeah, kinda posting for the second time since I was too early the other day! :oops: But I want to thank all of the participants, from FinalGear and Dieselstation.

Secondly, I want to remember you that the voting guidelines can be found in the rules topic which is here and don't forget that you can't vote for your own chop! but you can vote even if you didn't enter the exercise

The original;


So here are the entries for this month!

Chop #1 ()


Chop #2 ()


Chop #3 ()


Chop #4 ()


Chop #5 ()


Chop #6 ()


Chop #7 ()

Chop #8 ()

Chop #9 ()

Chop #10 ()

Chop #11 ()

Chop #12 ()

This thread will open once results are in, for discussion, comments etc.

Voting ends at the end of the month
So the results are finally there! Congratulations and thanks to everyone, voters and participants.

Please note that the next contest will start as soon as the winner gives me the next photo to chop


In 3rd Position with 13 points, wceend23!


In 2nd Position with 18 points, Gizmo!


In 1st Position with 21 points, Rinmax!


For detailed results, please refer to the voting char, in MS Excel format available here

This thread will now stay open for questions, comments, congratulations, critic, etc. As long as it stays on topic.
Erm thanks to those who noticed I had forgotten to unlock it and to change "3rd" to "1st" :oops:
Gees mate thats the 2nd time now :p

Well atleast I got points this time! Thanks PDanev for thinking I rocked! haha
that's TrueSlide XL from DS.com

but yeah lots of work in it, maybe it's unrealistic side wasn't appreciated by some people?
Ultra_Kool_Dude said:
I can't believe chop 8 didn't win - it's pure genius!

I agree with you.

But did anyone noticed that after so much complaining about a lame picture and car to work with, the final results are awesome?
Something different is appreciated by me. I mean how many times can someone lower a car, tint the windows, and change the rims before it gets old?
The only thing I disliked about Rinmax's chop is the lens-glare effect :) Otherwise it's pretty clean.

Chop 8... well, a good idea maybe, but if only he rotated the front of the audi to match the angle of honda, and not the opposite...

On chop 2 it looks like his goal was to make as many mods as possible. Ok, it's pretty clean job, but it's not just the technique we're supposed to evaluate here... Because imho that styling looks bad :| Clear hood.. meh. HUD display... that isn't even supposed to look good from outside.

Ok, I could write what exactly I did and didn't like about every entry, but I don't think I should... I mean, I didn't even make an entry this time myself, so it's kinda mean to critisize everyone elese's work :roll: Next time maybe ;)
Hey, I got 3 points on my first photoshop entry, sweet....

...though I really wish I could have found some cherries to put on top of my car (#7)...