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Apr 2, 2007
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Did not see a thread about it. Does anyone watch this show? It's on F/X I believe its an animated show which is basically a spoof on James Bond. It's pretty funny, second season just started.
The second season started? I'm glad FX renewed it. Funny cartoon.
Yes, I saw it and bought the first season of it on iTunes :D

First episode of this season was pretty good, I'm excited for more.
Definately one of my favorite shows. suits my sense of humor exactly
New episode, new season tonight.

My mind is fucked.

Classic amazing Archer episode.
That was pretty excellent. I wish I knew more about Bobs Burgers, because I'm sure there were a few jokes in there that went right over my head.
I must watch it. Good to hear it was good. :)
First episode of the new season fills me with great hope for Archer Vice.