Archer is full of awesome.
Why buy an orphanage and burn it down?

Umm for shits and grins... Oh and screams
Another fantastic episode. Was it YYZ that Krieger was trying to "play" by slapping the bald head of that scientist? I think it was :D
Another reboot. This time MagnumArcher P.I.

I'm going to need to rewatch season 6, as I don't remember what happened for them to not continue working for the CIA.
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They screwed up really bad.
Wow. I've never seen Magnum PI so didn't know it was IDENTICAL.

I wonder why they didn't go with Archer PI (like they did with Archer Vice).
S07E01 wasn't bad. Looking forward to the rest of the season. Got a good laugh from the jab at Ferrari.
How's the rest of Season 6? It just came up on Hulu and I'm 3 episodes in. So far, the funniest episode was the last episode of season 5, which we re-watched right before 06-01 to get caught up.
I forgot it was back!

Season 6 is solid, proceed. :p
Season 6 did give us the best ever Archer quote IMHO:

Archer to Lana said:
Sorry I tried to spit-roast your mom.
Thoughts on season 7 so far? 3 episodes in and I can't tell if I really like it or meh. Granted I think its going to pick up big time, but it wish the initial hook was better.
Yeah, episode 1 was pretty meh. 2 and 3 were better, but not quite back to what we used to get :dunno:
Let's hope this picks up a bit...
7x4 was the most tedious episode in a while. It was pretty bad, borderline terrible.
Ok, yesterday's season finale was pretty damn good.
I have to catch up on that.
Is there a season 8 confirmed?