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ARGGH Blurred pic! what should i do?!


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Jan 19, 2005
Hey guys,

After waiting for 2 hrs in the cold I just got got a picture with a famous argentinian soccer player.. My friends hand shaked so the pic is really blurry, so whats the best way to make it a bit more visible? thanks a lot
PS -> make a copy of the background layer > Filter -> other -> high pass -> play around with that -> layer mode of the copied layer to either soft or hard light.

Will make the picture a bit sharper, but it won't make miracles.

Post the picture so we can see how blurry it is.
Only show it to people who've had a few too many drinks.
(Or show it to someone who has only had a few and call him a lightweight.)
thanks a lot, but it doesnt really change much, in fact it makes it blurrier than the original pic