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May 27, 2004
Usually I'm one of the lucky ones who get to see TG "live" when it airs (BBC at home). Well last evening a friend was passing by at the hour when it airs so I think "no biggie, I'll just whip out the ol VCR and tape record it". When my friends leaves, I rush to put on the tape... show starts really promissing with JC running off in his Scaglietti to Switzerland while Richard and James wait in the freezing cold for a bus... and then it cuts off!! Don't know what happened but my VCR only recorded the first 10 minutes of the show!!! GODDAMN!!! Now I'll have to wait for the ep to be on this site... and it seemed a killer episode too, they give a F1 car a try around the TG track!!
The end of the challenge was really great, and then the part with the rallycar!

Oh i'm evil. :p :twisted: