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McGowan said he hopes for a flood of donations to help keep the faucet flowing, but until then, the gallery is nervously awaiting the monthly bill.

Dream on...
Hmmmm thats like someone against drunk driving getting hammered all the time and driving down the roads...

Shouldn't he be excessively frugal with water if he is protesting against high usage?? Something like not washing for a year, or only drinking milk (or other liquids not directly made from tap water etc.)

Dunno, but then again I never understud these "artistic" types... There was one guy in Finland who got a goverment grant for doing his art and what did he do?? He amde a video where he killed a kitten and then masturbated on the poor dead thing. The worst thing?? they showed the video at our modern art expo thingy building!

Sick bastard.
I was going to post a comment but ur avatar is far more entertaining, funny, and i would rather comment on it than the story.

funny avatar man!! :lol:
Does this mean I don't have to feel bad about buying a car that gets 4 miles to the gallon? It's not wasteful, it's art! :p Now all I have to do is sucker an art museum into paying for the fuel, that way I get all the benefits without any of the responsibility!
most protestors (what ever they are protesting against or making a point about) are ofteb pretty crazy, but still make some kind of sense (usually a very small one though) but this nut job is just totally fucked up...