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Article: 10 Greatest-ever Jeremy Clarkson moments


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Jan 14, 2004
Nice collection :thumbsup:
Some of those comments werent so bad in my eyes.
:mrgreen: good find!
my favourite part is the result of the vote. Just shows that all hope is not lost and most people do still have their head screwed on the right way. It's just the people in positions of power and greenpeace who don't.
Excellent. :thumbsup: We petrolheads must sitck together during these troubled times when greenpeace imfluences people.
Greenpeace is almost dead anyway, they are too grown up now. There arent any crazy actions anymore. Leave them to themselves, their end is near. :bangin:

He is awesome.

Where is the article about Hurricane Katrina? I know I read it but now I can't find it and the MSN thing differs from what my brain says I read.

Funny! That said some people need to get a life, like the Anti Clarkson campaigners. FFS, its a joke! Bunch of attention seeking losers.

And the Greenpeace gentleman, what a pathetic responce, typical of the charity.
I'm so glad the British repsects his freedom of speech and lets him speak his mind! Jezza is hilarious!
Excellent find, After reading articles like that I was expecting to see the poll very much against him. I'm all for him, no matter what he does I'd still wish he was my father. :lol:
Piers Morgan is such a twat, he deserves much worse that a simple punch. I'd love to see him brutially maimed to within an inch of his life. Twice.
He is an arse, I hope he did get scarred too, would be ironic if he tried to sue as well as he would probably be laughed out of court!

I would have done the same as Clarkson if Morgan wants to ruin my private life for no reason. In fact I would have taken him to court myself!
"Residents of Norfolk started this campaign in response to comments made by Jeremy implying that people living in the area were backwards. Jeremy claimed that in the 'flat and featureless' county people point and say: "Hey, look, it?s a car!""

That comment is actually true about people saying "Hey, look, it?s a car!". When your driving through some of the villages, everyone looks at your car as if they have never seen one and like it's a brand new invention. It's even worse in the village I live in.
Good article.

Jeremey is different that a lot of controversial people. He doesn't go out of his way like most comics and radio personalities to piss everyone off in order to be controversial and popular, he just says what he thinks.