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Asma-Design 2007 S-Class


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Oct 4, 2004
The CLS these guys made was ok-ish, but this is... :yucky: :yucky: :yucky:

ASMA-Design, creators of the now infamous CLS Shark, is set to debut their new tuner S-Class at the Essen Motor Show on November 25th. The ASMA S-Class will feature new front and rear aprons, side skirts, and a sport exhaust. It will also feature, as you've probably guessed, 20" rims (or dubs if you prefer), and be set 25mm lower than the standard S-Class.




I'm not really sure if those wheels are "dubs", but the sure are ugly and look very small from the side.
Hell, I'll go as far to say that they're the same shape as the wheel covers on a mid-90's Hyundai. Ouch!
Yuk! Just Brabus it if you really want to modify a car of this nature..
I didn't know it till a few weeks myself, but then I came across it on wikipedia :lol: Fo''real. :mrgreen:

A dub is a wheel or rim that is 20" in size (The term "dub" was derived as a slang term for twenty, from "double dime" or two tens.) Some can be chrome or polished aluminum-alloy. "Dub two"'s are 22" wheels or rims styled similar to standard "dubs". "Dub fo"'s are 24" wheels or rims styled similar to "Dub two"'s" or standard "dubs". Rims that are below 20 inches in diameter are aptly referred to as "sub-dubs".

In recent years, the term "Dub two"'s has been replaced with the terms "dub deuces" and "double deuces".

Recently the term "Dub" has also been used to refer to Volks-Wagen cars, mainly in the sport-tuner category. It comes from shortening Volks-Wagen to VW, then to just pronouncing VW "Vee-Dub", then finally just letting go of "Vee" and calling the cars "Dubs".
they dont have much to work with. Those tailights now look more maybach than ever.
What the **** is up with those wheelarches? :yucky:

And yeah, those rims didn't match the car at all... but come on.. just LOOK at the wheelarches :unsure:
Those wheels are WAY too smal and WAY too ugly.
ske said:
What the **** is up with those wheelarches? :yucky:

those are stock :lol:
and i agree, ugly as hell (looks cheap)
hanasand said:
The taillights seem original to be bartboy..

I really hate those rims... Doesn't suit the car at all
yea the tailights dont look exactly like the Maybachs now that i look at them. but they are definately in the same shape.