Assault on democracy, or how the GOP hate voting

Oh, to the contrary—can folks moving here please save Texas from itself?

This deeper dive into who's actually moving to TX was pretty interesting (spoiler: it's not all Californians!):

(Also, that idiot's proposing something wildly unconstitutional, but the hardcore right gave up any pretense of caring about the constitution long ago.)
Did you read the follow up tweets?

Yes, own the libs is their whole motivation.
Honestly hate sharing a state and country with these idiots. Just hurry up with your Hermain Cain Awards and let the rest of us move on, for Pete's sake.
Texas isn't the only state where the GOP are douchebags.

TL;DR - Texas claims supply chain issues limit how many voter registration forms it can send out.
If they actually wanted people to vote like in any other first-world democracy, they'd figure out a workaround while they update the forms. Plus they'd let voting personnel actually help people navigate the system, or (gasp!) even simplify the process of exercising your constitutional right to vote.

This ain't a real first-world country anymore, and my state is the prolapsed anus that demonstrates that harder than most.
You are overreacting. You know what he meant. "...just as high a percentage as normal Americans." /s

Maybe the Republicans should adapt policies and attract voters instead?
Because they don't know what that is. Where is this healthcare bill they were to pass when Trump was president? The only thing they try to do is take away the poor's rights and safety nets, while giving the rich anything and everything they want.