Assault on democracy, or how the GOP hate voting

I agree with what Biden said this week, what do the Republicans stand for? Other than owning the libs, I can't figure it out anymore.
The Republicans don't know, and they don't actually care, either.
The GOP agenda is the same as it's been for over a decade, "Obstruction". They have no plan and they don't want one, sowing fear about evil baby-eating Democrats is working for them; they don't need or even want the majority because they just change the rules to maintain power.
I guess they don't want to get caught when they commit it.
Yep. Welcome to hell.
Stumbled onto this thread after the Ukraine stuff. It's fascinating in a kind of creepy way how some people are so desperate to destroy democracy.

Then, when they find themselves 20 years into a dictatorship heading down the toilet, they say "it wasn't my fault, I'm powerless."

That will end up arresting nutzo Republicans... Though it is chilling what Florida is passing to illustrate what a President DeSantis would be like.
Guess what, they are wrong!

To be clear, since the language used is a bit inflammatory, it's not like, in one election, he voted 9 times.

He was ineligible to vote in 1996 due to a felony conviction, but was able to register in 2008, and voted in 9 elections between 2008 and 2011.

Now...I'm not defending him at all, as he seems unrepentant and seems like he maybe did so intentionally (unlike some recent cases in Florida where people thought they were eligible to vote, in some cases even reported being told they were able to vote). But, the headline is annoyingly rage-bait, more so than "voted illegally in 9 elections" would be.