Assault on democracy, or how the GOP hate voting

Judge says 'undated' Pennsylvania ballots should count, setting up a likely appeal​

The Republican National Committee and other GOP groups have joined the case in opposition to counting ballots without handwritten dates or those that are misdated.

I have never understood what good putting a date on the ballot envelope did. It seems incredibly arbitrary to not count the ballot because there isn't a date.

Georgia lawmakers pass new election rules that could impact 2024 presidential contest​

The bill also would require counties to report the results of all absentee ballots by an hour after polls close and let counties use paper ballots in elections where fewer than 5,000 people are registered, though that change would not take effect until 2025.

So, they make a law that is impossible to fulfill and think that won't have consequences. I hope that this gets struck down in the courts.

Republicans aim to stop noncitizen voting in federal elections. It's already illegal​

Johnson makes a trip to Florida to kiss the ring, float some conspiracy theories, and talk about future legislation that covers something that is already illegal. Funny way to campaign for the former president.