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Mar 6, 2005
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These are always really cool. Watching a car take shape.

Post your assembly line videos here.

2 I can found randomly.

Fiat 500

BMW 3-series (sorry its in German, but its the full process start>finish)
Nice thread!

I saw here somewhere video of an Audi A3 and Audi R8 being made. There was quite a difference between the two but I can't find it.
Would be intresting to see say a Lamborghini assembly line.
Found a Gallardo assembly video

The Trabant video: The magic of man power and a hammer!

Old School Lambo. I think this is the best of what I've found


Nissan 180SX (In Japanese)
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Love the trabant video. :)
Porn muisc and soviet cars... fantastic. ^_^
Classic Mini

Handmade by robots - rust by God.
AAh one of my favourite subjects (I'm damaged goods).

Dacia Sandero (note the HUGE difference between this and the Modus production)

Renault Laguna

Alfa-Romeo MiTo

Renault Modus (ROBOTS!!!1)
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Golf VI 1

Golf VI 2

Golf VI 3
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I have to post the inevitable...

What the hell? :lol:

Classic Mini
Oh the racket and the dirt and the spoken language! I need subtitles! :D

Now let's visit VAG once again. Here, the Audi A3 in German. Good thing everyone understands german.

VW T3 Part 1 with early (and nervous) computerized robots

VW T3 Part 2 (with lightsaber noises and two-tone body work)

TW T3 Part 3
Ah here we go, this is the one I originally was trying to find.

BMW MINI @ Oxford (this follows the car from start to finish in order)
Part 2
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Ferrari 599 on National Geographic's Mega Factories

This video has a few clips from inside of Mitsuoka factory.... those cars are nothing but bondo...