Assembly line videos

From that very channel and uploaded yesterday, this is beautiful. Speakers required.

Hello Comrade, we heard you like manual labour and lifting heavy things. No we have not heard of this "ergonomics" you speak of. Also, only tool you get is screwdriver. Robotic Phil Collins will guide you.

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I was thinking "hmm, that's a lot of people on that engine line..." and then I noticed the uniforms. Ah, Hungaria Hungry Hungary. That explains it.
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There are still many manual steps involving building a Porsche so have a video of the 991 Turbo S Exclusive Series production line.

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MightyCarMods went to Germany to build their new Focus RS on the line.

Not exactly an automobile, but still interesting.
HA! I live. Thanks to Seat actually. And this plant in Algeria, which is literally medieval in terms of auto assembly. Moving floor? Why no you silly person, we have people people to push carts along Seat says.
New video from inside Dearborn Truck Plant

Another total development video

The assembly line bits in most of these videos are just short glimpses but worthy of posting since there really isn't any other footage of them.

Brabus, early 90's

AMG, 1992.

Ginetta, 1991


Irmscher, 1991

AC Schnitzer, 1990

Ferrari, 1987
Jaguar, 1988

Jaguar, 1988

Jaguar interior workshop, 1988

Lynx Eventer (licensed for french production?)

Porsche, 1987

Alpina, 1992
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