Unveiled: Aston Martin DBS Superleggera


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Flagship super-GT will enter 812 Superfast’s orbit with 211mph, 715bhp and 664lb ft




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The mouth is huge, but it reminds me of a Zagato. I personally think it's sexy. Do want.

Only shame is that they're not offering it with a manual. But I think I heard a rumor that Aston will do a manual, but only on the V8 Vantage. I guess it's too much to hope that they make a V8 DBS Superleggera.


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I wish Aston would make something different. Admittedly, this is Aston and there is good reason for them not wanting to try radical styling.


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Aston has always made cars that are almost painfully pretty to look at, in a world of government mandated pedestrian safety marshmallows, I welcome their efforts to stay true to their heritage.