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Mar 21, 2005
Carrickmacross, Ireland
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Wasup. i was free all day and had nothing to do so i started making web pages on frontpage.

I have taken the episode guide info from justins forum and made a web page of it. If intrested pl let me know.

I thought it would be useful if it was published on the main page.. its hard to find it in the forums.
Renesis said:


you got my attention and lost it 1 sec later.

:lmao: :lmao: :lmao:
Renesis said:


you got my attention and lost it 1 sec later.


Aren't we mean today? :lol:

I guess it wouldn't be out of place in the webpage, too, but I'm not the webmaster... :)
maybe add like screen shots etc...that would be cool
I dunno, an HTML file seems too static for episode guides :-\. Now maybe linking to justin's episode guide (in the forums) from the main site would work better, because at least then there isn't as many locations that need to be changed as a season progresses.
I think it's a good idea. The link in Justins sig is not really 'present' on the whole site. Should have a more central place.
we already had episode descriptions on the old site.. we'll prolly put it back or link the proper thread in the forum, on the download page
@Renesis, I miss that page, I used to have a print out of it, so that when ever I wanted to see an old ep, I could check what each ep was about, instead of going thru all of them. (thats not bad tho ;) )

and I'm anxiously waiting for the new FG eps to get a small description too.