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Audi Q7, unvieled


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Dec 8, 2003
Houston, Texas, The States
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Images ganked from audiworld.com :p

http://img100.imageshack.**/img100/478/headerb5zs.th.jpg http://img100.imageshack.**/img100/822/header5b2ig.th.jpg http://img57.imageshack.**/img57/3610/header2b1fl.th.jpg http://img57.imageshack.**/img57/1296/header3b2jk.th.jpg http://img57.imageshack.**/img57/1411/header4b4hs.th.jpg

The interior is hot :drool: And I think that some side sills would look nice because between the wheels at the bottom looks a little funny to me. Other than that, I think it's gorgeous :thumbup:
Love that interior. Sweet.
not bad...but a bit too wagonish for a SUV...so it might not sell as good :?
goneinsixtyseconds said:
with never ending rises in gas prices, i'm surprised you'd still consider an SUV :)

I completely agree with you on the gas prices, and I never said I'd buy one, it's just a great machine. If I had the choice, I get an S4 Avant for utility. :)
:yucky: :puke: that looks terrible. the whole thing looks weird, and just not right. look at the size of those mirrors e.g. its twice the size of a truck mirror :?
jensked said:
I really like the interior too! But all that SUV thing I think, is diminishing. I think they are a bit late now everybody already has a Touareg, a Cayenne or an X5
SUVs are high-profit vehicles. Don't ever let anyone tell you that a particular SUV was developed for any other reason, unless it's Jeep or Land Rover. And yes, I'm omitting HUMMER for a reason.
Doesn't look bad. Not at all, in fact.
But indeed, I wouldn't like to pay the fuel for such a thing in two years.
Looks good, Audi should consder VWs V10 TDI to make it as quick as an Cayene or an X5
They have their own diesel, a 4.2 litre V8. Makes 321BHP, 20 more than the V10 I believe, and 479lb ft of torque from 1,600 and 3,500rpm. Torque is down what, 30lb ft from the V10 :)
Is that the one that Clarkson tested which had very good fuel economy? It was in the audi A8 if I remember well.
No, that one was the 4.0 litre, this is the successor to that engine :)
This thing will be equipped with the RS6's 5.5L 550 bhp V10 sometime down the road, too. No worries about power. ;)
Dr. Woo said:
Iota` said:
That's just an prodded up A6.
Is it bliss? Ignorance, I mean.

Maybe (read "For sure...")

It is based on the same platform that is used in the Cayenne and Touareg, slightly enlarged and removed of some offroad gizmos (diff-locks and such). So, more road-biased. And more beautiful.
Dr. Woo said:
This thing will be equipped with the RS6's 5.5L 550 bhp V10 sometime down the road, too. No worries about power. ;)

Is it getting a new 5.2 litre V8 as well? I thought I read somewhere that that was the case, I can't find the article now... :unsure: