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Audi S8! Finally


Sep 27, 2004
Stavanger, Norway
Now this is the definition of cool,
it has a 5,2 litre V10 producing aprox. 450 bhp and takes only 5,1 seconds
to get to 100 km/h!

Marvel at it's beauty...


Its not beutiful :roll: Cool with metallic black and lots of tint but not beutiful.

It doesnt develop that much power either..correct me if im wrong but it uses a de-tuned version of the Lambo V10?
Now just put same engine in RS6..... :woot:
Vette Boss said:
American rappers will like it, with that bling-o ching-o grille, and the fact that it's big enough to fit three or four hookers in the back seat.

Normal people won't care for it too much, it's too plain and expensive.

That grill.... :yucky:
I'm terribly sorry but offcourse you're all wrong.

Yes, some silly rap-boys will probably bling it back to the stoneage and destroy
it's image.

But the truth is that this is the better alternative to a BMW 760i. It's subtle, it's cool
and it has more than enough power.

flyingfridge: The next RS6 is rumored to produce 600bhp, so it will be quite a lot
faster than this S8...
It still isnt what you described as "The definition of cool..." :roll:

Also, anything is a better alternative to a 760i...that thing would kill you with its looks :yucky:
^^ Dude stop forcing you views on others. If people don't like chrome, or big grills, they won't like it. While for you it might be THE ultimate dreamcar, accept the fact that for some people it might be THE ultimate rubbish. Chill...
Good god that grille is awful - the theme is bad enough on other Audis, but when you add that chrome inside the grill :yucky:. Apart from that I think it's great, but jeez I'd have to change that grille
Sorry to say this, but I love the Audi grille. So aggressive, a 'look at me' kind of thing which I like, really nice.

As for this car, mmmmmmmm, sexy. It's a subtle kind of go fast machine. Better than the 760i and better looking than the Swhatever M-B!
I want one, purely for motorway cruising. It's what that thing is made for.
Greatgraddage said:
I want one, purely for motorway cruising. It's what that thing is made for.

No, it's not. You'd be amazed at how well a simple 4.0 TDI handles. I almost needed another set of underwear.
the "old" 4.2 v8 was a bit shit for what it could have been.

But now, a v10..? It must have something to do with the gallardo one. Wonder what the tuneing companies are planning with it :evil: