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Audi Shooting Brake Concept


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Dec 7, 2003
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Compact and powerfully athletic: Audi Shooting Brake Concept

Audi has issued the following press release:

Audi is unveiling a new highlight in the sporty compact segment at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show: the Shooting Brake Concept is a study vehicle offering a further trailblazing interpretation of Audi's current formal idiom, blending the powerful dynamism of a sports car with a new sense of spaciousness and greater functionality. With its powerful 250 bhp, 3.2-litre six-cylinder engine and quattro permanent four-wheel drive, the Shooting Brake Concept produces a quality of road behaviour that in every respect lives up to its visual impact. The study vehicle sprints from 0 to 100 km/h in just six seconds, and its top speed is electronically governed at 250 km/h.

Its front end is characterised by the striking single-frame radiator grille with dominant horizontal slats in chrome. The tapered shape at the front ? further accentuated by prominent air inlets at the sides ? and the dynamic cut of the clear-glass headlights give the face its decidedly forceful character. A presence that echoes the characteristic front-end design of the current A4 racing models in the DTM and the visionary Audi RSQ study.

One new element in the portfolio of design features is the upward swoop behind the rear side window. This, together with the wide C-post, accentuates the prominent rear end. This is where the visual emphasis of the Shooting Brake Concept, painted in Bionic White, pearl effect, is to be found: the flat trapezoid of the rear window and the pronounced arching, convex shape of the panel forming the luggage compartment lid are the opposite extreme to the flat nose end. They give the vehicle a crouched appearance, as if ready to leap.

As is typical of every Audi study car, in addition to its design qualities the Shooting Brake Concept features a raft of technical innovations for Tokyo. These include the adaptive damping system Audi magnetic ride, an evolutionary version of navigation system plus with touch screen monitor and character recognition, and the new LED headlight technology.


Cute. Reminds me of the Steppenwolf concept from a few years back. But what's with the Maybach Exlero/Hannibal Lecter grille?! :blink:
Its easy to make a sporting brake look so wierd. But the back on this baby i awsome. Kinda a more sportier version of the particular a3 model.


And the front:


Front is ugly imo, the back is quite nice though - looks a bit megane-ish.
pdanev said:
Front is ugly imo, the back is quite nice though - looks a bit megane-ish.

Now that you say so...

But I think it looks more like this.

Omg, not this grill again :(

Agree about megan-ish rear. And the line over the rear wheel arches reminds me of a clio v6.


I guess it's a tiny litte bit Megane quirky, but with a massive dose of Audi cool. I love it. That front end is great. What they should do, though, is make the back end slope a bit more so it looks more like a coupe, then I'd say Audi's answer to Cayman/Z4 Coupe anyone? Now that I'd like to see.
Nice. Very very cool.

Grille needs to be replaced definitely, otherwise, sexy.
Wow, it's beautiful! If I had the money, I'd so buy one. Reminds me of a BMW M Coupe.
I like. its definately got megane-like looks from the back. it looks sweet from the front, even the unusual grille. interior could be a little bit better, but it looks decent.
Good looker ... but what's with the name? Am I the only one trying to work out what what a friggin "Shooting Brake" is supposed to refer to?
Lurch0001 said:
Am I the only one trying to work out what what a friggin "Shooting Brake" is supposed to refer to?

Same here. I confused. :?
Shooting Brakes

Here's a photo Arne sent me of a 924 Turbo Shooting Brake (Estate Wagon)... He said there were only some 20 made. Apparently, this one was for sale - for only USD$20k! 50000 km on the clock. They are based directly on the Carrera GT.

ROVIO, Switzerland ? Swiss design company ProtosCar has fashioned many show models for Rinspeed, another Swiss outfit, but now it has come up with something of its own: a Porsche 911-based "Shooting Brake" (an old British term for wagon).

FLM Panelcraft converted this DB6 for an American owner , along with another one for F1 driver Innes Ireland. Serious damage at delivery prompted the owner to sell it. A painful odissey with several restoration attempts followed: someone even fitted DB5 wings. The current French owner had it rebuilt to original specs by Spraytech in 1999.

Another seven DB6 Shooting Brakes were produced by Radford of Hammersmith (UK). While five units went to the US, David Brown's family used one for many years.


And the best of all,
The Aston Martin Virage Shooting Brake.


The lights at the front look Mazda, the grill is Audi (huge and ugly -WHY AUDI??!) but the rear is cool in my books. But the right metallic on it and it'll be a cool car. You just gotta drive backwards so people dont see the front of it.
fbc said:
With the exception of the front (why Audi, why?!?!) I really like that

audi and VW grills (and entire front ends) are really starting to look disgusting... wyf is with large faux-chrome fronts?!?! :thumbsdown: