Australia Top Gear - Audition


Nov 30, 2005
2003 Astra SRi Turbo
I'm auditioning for Australian Top Gear, and I was wondering if anyone else here has auditioned also

My audition video is


any feedback is appreciated although it's all too late to change! it's in the hands of the gods now.
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Are you farting @ the 55sec mark?
i'm not entirely too sure why, but i can't picture you hosting a top gear show. i just wasn't excited by it. i don't find myself thinking, "man, i can't wait to see what bob has to say about ____ next week."

i thought it was okay in general, and will refrain from nitpicking (i'm somewhat of a perfectionist). instead, i'll comment on the positives. i did enjoy your photos and their captions. some of them made me grin. i also really liked that you changed scenes several times. eventhough you were monotone and had a few stammers, you seemed confident in what you were talking about and being in front of the camera. the audio was clearly audible for the most part. finally, i liked the casual attitude you had with the clothes, poses, mannerisms, and script. top gear is a casual show, so you did well to personify that.

good luck with the audition!

- your accent sounded fake to me at first, then i got used to it. i don't know why.
- middle of the video with the blue astra(?), why does that tree have plastic around it?
yeah - I need some work on that, tbh I should have started much earlier, I reckon with a few more weeks I could have come up with something much more entertaining. In some of the scenes, I'm a lot less monotonic and more engaged - these were filmed the next day, where I was a lot more comfortable. ah well. c'est la vie

cheers re the rest of the comments, glad I got the casual thing, that was the look I was going for. Based on a lot of the other vids on youtube, I stand a moderate chance of being called in for an actual go at it (obviously 2 stage process)

my accent is australia, but I'm from south australia originally, so it's somewhat different to other australian accents.

In australia, we have possums, which climb up trees and can eat/destroy all the leaves/druit/etc, so if you bind them with plastic, the possums can't get up there. (and you're safe from drop bears as well)
good luck with the audition!
A few of us have auditioned, but they're in another thread. Mine's the one where I tear strips off my company car (funnily enough, a pov-pack Astra ...) and offer up a part of my anatomy to get onto Top Gear Australia.

You seem to know your stuff, and you're clearly into cars in a huge way, which will no doubt help your chances. Perhaps a little more rehersal might have helped, as you seemed a tad nervous. Having said this, I doubt you were the only one feeling this way!

And I don't think it's a fart at 0:55, it sounds like a glitch in the audio track. ;)

Good luck!
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