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Australian V8 Supercars

^ I'm amazed it's happening - after all the reassurances, it's just a disgusting way to treat fans.
welcome to the football..... its like with the f1 and its the same with the v8s, stupid football monkey brainless and retarded peeping toms watching idoits in a house are more important then us motorsport fans, i know they big in ratings and are worth more money but GRRRRRRRR. give us a chance. thank god for bigpond, might starting using their services again.
It actually makes me happy that Im heading over to the UK at the end of the year so that I will get proper Formula 1 coverage that isnt interupted by Big Brother or Football!!
Channel 7 didn't even give you the Port Adelaide game instead of V8s, they gave you two victorian teams. :blink:

As for results...

Tander won Race 2 and 3, Whincup 2nd in both races and I think Rick Kelly got 3rd in both races? Jamie Whincup was overall Champion for the round.
Radisich quits V8's Team Kiwi Racing

June 5, 2007 - 5:16PM

Team Kiwi Racing's (TKR) driver Paul Radisich has quit the team, but owner David John is adamant he will have a car in this weekend's round of the V8 Supercar series at Eastern Creek.

John said he had four or five drivers in mind and a car available but he would not say whether it was a Ford or a Holden.

Radisich said he had terminated his contract with TKR following the team's fallout with Ford Performance Racing (FPR) that ran the car on behalf of TKR.

"TKR is in breach of contract and I have therefore terminated my contract with immediate effect," Radisich said in a statement from his Melbourne base.

He would not comment further.

"I couldn't care less if Paul wants to go somewhere else," John said.

"If that's his decision, how loyal is he to all the people who had busted their butts to get him back on the grid after last year's Bathurst result?"

The single-car TKR have been in a financial bind since last year's Bathurst 1000 when Radisich crashed the team's Holden Commodore into a tyre wall at about 200kmh, flipping the car on its roof.

The roof had to be cut off to get Radisich out and the car was written off.

TKR switched from Holden to Ford at the beginning of this season and Radisich has driven the team to 16th on the overall standings after four rounds despite missing the first round.

John said there were plenty of drivers around.

"We've got four or five - anyone will jump into a V8 Supercar regardless of what car it is."

He said Radisich hadn't shown any commitment to the team by quitting when the team needed him.

"It shows a total lack of appreciation for everybody else who bent over backwards to ensure that he was the driver in the car after Bathurst."

On Monday, FPR commercial director Rod Barrett said FPR had terminated its contract with TKR.

"It's regarding an agreement between TKR and FPR we've had during the year to run their car and unfortunately TKR haven't met the obligations and we've had to terminate the contract," Barrett said.

John insists the obligations were not financial, saying: "We don't owe FPR one cent."

John said he spoke to Radisich on Monday night before his decision to quit.

"He said to me he was disappointed with the FPR deal and would come back to us to talk about it, but now he's put it out on the media that he's terminated his contract."

Radisich has been TKR's driver for over two years.


If you have Paul Radisich in your V8 Dream Team, you might want to change him...
^ Whoa, drama. I say stay tuned - there's clearly some dodginess going on on someone's part - TKR by the sounds of it.
^ If FPR have terminated a contract and Paul Radisich has walked, then it's definately TKR's end!!
Blame Network Ten!!!

Blame Network Ten!!!

Network Ten blocks Adelaide coverage: threatens terms at AGP

Release Date: 06/06/2007

The V8 Supercar Championship Series may not return to the Australian Grand Prix next year if Network Ten continues to block coverage of the sport into Adelaide through its? unreasonable behaviour.

V8 Supercars Australia Chairman Tony Cochrane today revealed the reason why Adelaide fans are being robbed of Sunday coverage of the sport that is treasured in South Australia ? because Network Ten will not allow the Seven Network to do so.

As part of a four-way AFL agreement between the networks, the AFL and Foxtel, all four parties must agree to allow a change to AFL scheduling.

Seven is prepared to drop one of the two Sunday AFL games and show V8 Supercars from Eastern Creek this weekend in order to bring South Australia into line with every other market in the country.

Seven, the AFL and Foxtel have all agreed the change which would mean South Australian viewers get what they want. Although their AFL coverage is not affected in any way, Network Ten refuses.

?Because of this we will now only attend the AGP next year if organisers can guarantee that Network Ten will not televise any V8 Supercar footage from that event,? Mr Cochrane said.

?As much as we would like to finalise arrangements with the Australian Grand Prix, who we have been working quietly with for some months, and attend for our fans, sponsors and corporate partners it will not happen if Network Ten telecast the V8 Supercar component of the event.

?We will now only attend so the fans and corporates at the event can experience the thrill of seeing V8 Supercars race live.

?We have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to achieve a resolution to this problem in Adelaide and have agreement between Seven, the AFL and Foxtel.

?One can only wonder how Network Ten claims to be the home of motorsport yet behaves in this totally un-Australian way to deny the very fans of the sport.?

The impasse means that this weekend?s Sunday racing at Eastern Creek in Sydney will not be shown in Adelaide until 10.30pm whilst in every other market it will be live or near live.

"Ten's attitude is unacceptable,? Mr Cochrane said.

?Seven has done all its power as has the AFL to overcome a scheduling issue which impacts only in Adelaide. Sadly, for reasons only it could explain, Ten has decided to veto any change proposed by both the AFL, Foxtel and Seven.

?V8 Supercars Australia and Seven are already working on scheduling for next season and are committed to ensuring that Adelaide will not miss out on a live or near-live broadcast in 2008. The tens of thousands of fans who are upset should express their concern directly to Network Ten."


This is seriously lame on Ten's part...they should stop acting like children...F1 should looks for a new network for F1 coverage in Australia as well. Maybe Seven should be the new "Home of Motorsport"

Ten. Seriously Shit.
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^ I'll wait to see Ten's side of the story before pointing the finger of blame anywhere. In any case, SA viewers continue to get screwed over whilst Cochrane, Seven & Ten play their little games.
Once again, thank god Im moving overseas!!
Channel 9 and 10 used to manage to co-exist with the V8 Supercars at the AGP, even if we did have to put up with Eastlake's commentary.

V8 Supercars and the coverage has been a real farce this year. Even F1 has calmed down a bit recently!

Sick of politics...
good darn it,channel ten seem to be like a school boy, take somthing away which they caused and they cry and bitch and make life hell for all yet channel 7 is no better why wont they then show the v8 in a later time slot. thank god for bigpond live coverage.
It actually makes me happy that Im heading over to the UK at the end of the year so that I will get proper Formula 1 coverage that isnt interupted by Big Brother or Football!!

The V8 coverage of Ch10/7 beats any coverage I've seen of F1 on ITV, Setanta or Eurosport.
Yet one the other hand, "motorsports new best friend" Channel 7 have the rights to the Champ Car season due to Indy, yet won't show any other race this season, or let any other network show the season.

At the end of the day, its just more of Tony Cochrane's bullshit, destryoing the sport and hurting the fans to make even more money to put under his mattress.
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