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Australian V8 Supercars

So whats the results for Eastern Creek??
For Race 1
1 Skaife
2 Whincup
3 Rick Kelly
Race 2 will be on tomorrow, unusual most likely to make way for Footy which was right after race 1.
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Just read in the TV Guide that Race 1 will be at 10:30pm today in Adelaide, then 1pm tomorrow on Seven, full coverage of both races as the footy is on Ten.
I think the 'official' reason for the race 2 & 3 being on Monday is because it is a long weekend so more people can attend and they'll get bigger crowd numbers across the weekend.
So the West Australians will miss the racing now, cos they dont have the public holiday.
Totally pathetic effort by Channel 7 on this. How come the other states are able to watch the race live during the afternoon, but us South Aussies get shafted in favour of the AFL game between two of the least supported teams in the state?

Great to see Skaife win.

<offtopic> christ I'm bored, still ~3 hours to go...</offtopic>
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^ I think it's probably got something to do with Channel 10 again, if that story is true.
2nd race ordinary, but race 3 was one of the best this year with Lowndes and T Kelly battling for 1st right to the finish. Skaife with the round win. Music before the break was rubbish. :p
Got today's racing on tape - was out enjoying the public holiday today... Might watch it tonight or tomorrow night...

Glad to see Skaife getting a round win - he's had a bad run lately.
Race 3 was brilliant! TK wins and MS wins the round :D Couldn't be happier :mouse:
Not true ==>Clicky

Mark Skaife, since I had to go into the HRT garage and get him to sign a mates shirt the other day, I've gained alittle more respect for him (used to hate him), but glad it was him and not Prick Kelly who won.

Lowndes is Back!!!!!
Mark Skaife, since I had to go into the HRT garage and get him to sign a mates shirt the other day, I've gained alittle more respect for him (used to hate him), but glad it was him and not Prick Kelly who won.

Yeah, he's usually very good.

Glad to see him win the round. I think the championship may well be lost but hopefully he can keep up the good form.
Jamie Whincup loses points from third race at Eastern Creek

Release Date: 12/06/2007

Team Vodafone?s Jamie Whincup has been excluded from the third race of round five of the V8 Supercar Championship Series at Eastern Creek in Sydney after it was found he was racing with the incorrect brake rotors.

The stewards of the meeting found:

An alleged breach of Rule C10.1.8, Triple Eight Race Engineering Pty Ltd Car #88, failing to have Alcon Brakes. Breach was admitted. Matter was referred to Stewards.

At the Stewards Hearing commencing at 1830hrs for an alleged breach of Rule C10.1.8 (failing to have correct rear brake rotors fitted to Car #88 in Race 3) Triple Eight Race Engineering Pty Ltd admitted the breach of Rules. After hearing submissions on penalty the Stewards imposed the penalty of Exclusion from Race 3 on Car #88.

It means Whincup lost his third place for the event to the Toll HSV Dealer Team?s Rick Kelly. He was also outright third in the Championship but now sits on equal third with Holden Racing Team?s Todd Kelly.


Statement from Triple Eight Race Engineering

Release Date: 12/06/2007

As a result of a post race Stewards enquiry Triple Eight Race Engineering has accepted the Stewards findings of a breech of technical specifications concerning the rear brake discs of car # 88 in the final V8 Supercar race at Eastern Creek Raceway today.

Triple Eight accepts responsibility for the disqualification of Jamie Whincup?s result from Race 3, a consequence of mistakenly using 2006 specification discs.

The error occurred due to the Team including a number of 2006 specification discs sets in the truck spares for Eastern Creek which were to be used on the spare car for the Team?s ride days planned for Tuesday and Wednesday this week. It is normal practice to use up redundant stocks of parts on the ride car in this way. Alcon, the suppliers of the control discs for the Category in 2007, were happy to confirm to the Stewards that there was no performance advantage to be gained from using the older, heavier, 2006 specification discs.

A simple mistake was made and, whilst there was no performance gain or advantage in running the old spec discs, Triple Eight Race Engineering acknowledge there was a breach of the technical rules and accepts the penalty imposed.

Whincup?s revised meeting points put him in back to fifth place and his new Championship total sees him tied on 205-points with Holden driver Todd Kelly.


Silly thing for them to do, Jamie is one of my driver's in the tipping comp...looks like I get less points. :(
Hope GT does the business for my team at the weekend:)
V8 Supercars = BORING!
Yep - I'm not actually not upset that I'm working this weekend. Bathurst will remain as a big event for me (and the Clipsal 500) but other than that V8's have not impressed me at all this year.