Australian V8 Supercars

the vid on the foxsports site doesn't work for me (location?)

but here it is on youtube
Wet Top 10 Shootout today, but everyone made it back to the pits whole.
80% chance of rain and thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon. Should make things interesting.

There was also another very nasty crash in one of the support category races earlier today.

Damien Flack was hit from behind by his brother Adrian. He is believed to have broken ribs and a punctured lung, and was also air-lifted to hospital.
It was drizzling before the race and they've been saying that there's a chance of thunderstorms around 5pm. So, expect the unexpected weather wise.
Weather wasn't as big an issue as people feared. More about timing of wets vs slicks. Race has just ended so I won't spoil it for those who watch later.
:burnrubber:Drivers' Championship has been won today. :w00t::clap::dance::thumbsup::banana: I'm a happy girl tonight!!

2nd place still up for grabs.
How not to take turn 8.....

Amazing come back by Chaz in quali


And another returning patient won the first GT race.

So Lowndes should have good race going by those omens...


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Last lap of race two is a must watch. JC thru' turn eight!!! OMG!!!!
Both races from Tassie were brilliant, maybe two of the best, just what motor racing should be about. Perfect cure for people falling asleep watching F1.
^that was last year ;)
the 3 types of tires realy live up the races!
Shame about Volvo leaving
And once again, it's Bathurst Weekend!!

Won't spoil it for those watching later, but as usual I'm cheering for Frosty in car #1.
Was watching it all day and because of all the safety cars at the end, had to go to work five laps before it finished <_<
Not the ending I was hoping for, but better than I thought it was going to be.

Of course, an official appeal has been launched by the recipient of the time penalty. He got what he deserved - some argue he deserved much more. It seems some people never learn...
Not the ending I was hoping for, but better than I thought it was going to be.

Of course, an official appeal has been launched by the recipient of the time penalty. He got what he deserved - some argue he deserved much more. It seems some people never learn...

Yeah I'm surprised Whincup only got a 15 sec penalty when for every other penalty, it's a drive through. Dutton and co. need to stop being so manipulative when it comes to sticking to rules, because it bites them so hard and it's making them look worse off even more so than ever. Worst still, Mclaughlan copped a 25 point penalty in the championship. :|

On a brighter note, no one has won the race without leading a lap since '87. Never thought Davision was a chance but that's Bathurst for you. Odd strategies and a shit ton of safety cars at the end paid off
The pace was incredible. Great race. Great winners.
Taking Championship points off someone for a situation that they didn't cause is pretty crap. I get the part about "safe re-entry", but had he slowed he would have been bogged, and he was expecting them to be a) ahead of him, and b) on the racing line, which was on the left. It could have been redressed by the officials with a drive through, still having 11 laps to go.

Heard comments from Whingecup, saying that everyone else played a part in it. Sure, but YOU CAUSED IT to begin with! He knew GT was close behind him, and jumped on the brakes anyway..
If the situation was reversed, and Tander was the one in Whingecup's position, he and Dutton would be out for blood.

I don't see them removing the penalty. The trophy has been awarded, and the winners are on their way home with it. And since he finished outside the Top 10, I don't think he gets points for it anyway? Should be like NRL - if you appeal and the infringement is upheld, the punishment should be increased.

A friend of mine who spent the weekend at the Mountain said there is a new supporters club - of both Ford and Holden fans. - ABW Racing. "Anyone but Whincup!" :lol:
Ludo is off to DJR!!! :blowup:
Got to spend some time at the final Homebush race yesterday while on a job. It was "Free Friday", so I was able to park the bus 100m away and walk right in.
Caught the first practice session, and realised Frosty was having some issues, as everyone else was out on track, but I'd only seen him once.

Was hoping to catch up with ZeDestructor, who was planning to head out to the track as well, but he arrived just as I had to leave, and we didn't get a chance to connect.

Disappointing day today in Race 1 for the blue oval fans. Preliminary driver's championship has been won already, with the closest contender now unable to bridge the gap with only 150 points available tomorrow for the win.
Mustang evaluated as 2018 Falcon Supercars replacement


Prodrive Racing Australia will assess the Mustang?s suitability as a Supercars body shape early in the new year, with 2017 likely to be the final year of the Falcon.

PRA, one of just two Ford teams left on the Supercars grid, has reason to continue to push the brand?s products, despite a lack of factory support, thanks to the Tickford customisation company, which is owned and run by PRA team boss Tim Edwards and part-owner Rod Nash.

Part of that aim includes thinking beyond the end of the 2017 season, and into an era where the Ford Falcon FG X won?t be a current, on-sale product in the Ford range.

As a direct result, PRA is already working towards a replacement bodyshape for the 2018 Supercars season. And while there is no set decision yet, the future of a Ford model in Supercars should be become clear ? internally at least ? reasonably early in the year, to allow enough lead time to develop a new aero package.

?Of course we?re thinking about it, and of course DJR Team Penske is thinking about it,? Edwards told ?But it?s one thing thinking about it, and another being able to afford to do it, have the permission to do it, and all those things.

?There are so many factors that have to be taken into consideration, it?s not as easy as saying ?we want to race Mustangs next season?, click our fingers, and it happens.

?It?s a conversation we need to be having with Ford, and we need to work through it with the category because there is the homologation of a two-door car, which has not been done yet.

?There are 100 hoops that need to be jumped through before we can do that.

?Yes, we?re racing Falcons next year. Yes, we have to consider what we will race in 2018. But there are a lot of things to happen before we can confirm what we are doing.?

While a switch to a new bodyshape is highly likely for the 2018 season, it is not yet set in stone. Edwards says that the option of sending the FG Xs around again in 2018 does exist, although it would be unprecedented to be racing a Falcon not available for purchase.

?Remember that we raced the FG for five or so years, and this is only the second year for the FG X,? he said. ?It?s not like we?re racing some dated car.

?It?s a little interesting that the car is no longer manufactured, because the sport has never had to deal with that before. And obviously you face the issue of relevance at some point in time. But we?re working through all those things now.?

The Mustang isn?t the only bodyshape that will be assessed by PRA, with Mondeo and Focus also under consideration. But the Mustang would make the most sense, from both a crowd-pleasing perspective, and as a marketing tool for the Tickford business, which currently sells customised Ford Rangers, but is set to also sell customised Mustangs in the future.

?There are other options. But Mustang is the one people are more emotional about, that?s the one that the fans always ask about,? said Edwards.

?The sport only exists because of the fans, and if you went and did a straw poll with all of the fans out there about what Ford product do you think Prodrive and DJR should be racing, I think we know what the answer would be.

?I think we need to listen to them. But, as I said, it?s not as simple as deciding that?s what we want to do. There are a lot of stakeholders who have an opinion.?