Australian V8 Supercars

Another nail in the coffin for the series. Honestly, it's become irrelevant over the last few years with the introduction of COTF, and the other rules and restrictions brought in.
Ford/FPV quit supporting the series years ago.
Mercedes were unhappy with Erebus, and that partnership was cancelled.
Volvo pulled out at the end of last year...
At this point it's pretty much the Commodore cup. Over half the field run Holdens.

Attendance is down, from the events I've attended, and they're giving away freebies hand over fist to get people through the gates.
DJR/Penske won teams championship and Scottie threw away drivers championship in the last race. How is that formula Holden? DJR/Penske had the fastest cars all year and couldn't covert that pace into as many wins as they should have.

The dramatic climax to the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship captured the nation?s attention producing social media engagement which overshadowed the Ashes Series.

inaugural Coates Hire Newcastle 500 saw 192,000 fans through the gates during the three days of competition.

Simona de Silvestro showed great pace in Newcastle and was lucky not to have two good top tens.

The manufacturers think touring cars should be built to TCR rules, which ate a class or two below the COTF or the Gen2 and don't have anyway as good driver safety. Its important that the teams don't allow the manufacturers destroy the series like they have done to WTCC, DTM, WEC etc.

Strange that you say that, when this year has been so good and the championship so close.
V8's are back this weekend.
Damn that came around fast, thanks for the reminder. I didn't print off the 2018 calendar because "there's lots of time". :lol:
Hope this weekend being a points round makes better it than the last few years
good for them!

i get why they demand a minimum weight, but i thorougly hate limitations about weight balance and center of gravity
those aren't obtained by use of exotic, inaffordable materials, just by clever packaging! packaging doesn't cost money...

any team that can make a mokery out of those rules, i applaud :D

EDIT: i read the article...i should tone down the above comment. the other shouldn't be punished because ford uses exotic materials/designs on its body...
but i still hate limitation about weight and cog in spec and formula cars!
“They have been investigating it since Adelaide to make sure, to the best of their ability, it (parity) is there, so I am going to leave it to them for the moment,” Dane said, clarifying: “That’s whether it’s CoG or aerodynamics or whatever.”

“Irrespective of any real or perceived parity issues, we are not going to sit back and wait for it to be put right,” he declared. “We will always believe we can do a better job.”
AUTO ACTION understands that Supercars is now considering introducing a maximum weight for silencers

wtf? like that's the solution!? :lmao: the issue isn't the overweighed silencers, but the fact that it's forbidden to have balast external of the body...that makes sense!
Wrong thread?

Bathurst was today. I won't spoil it, but it was very nearly an anti climax. Happy with the outcome though. And with the 1,2,3 in qualifying.

Still a great race. Pace a the front was unreal. Something like twelve cars under the lap record. Forty laps to go about eight cars with a chance. At the end there were still four or five with a shout. 888 make a mistake not putting new tyres on Jamie's car at last stop.

DJR hearing tomorrow.

Really sad that GRM quit.
what a pitty no international series (?) races on this track
i love it, it is in the top 3 of craziest tracks if you ask me, yet only the AUS V8 race there?

and because of that, i hardly ever see a race there :(
Epic race. Last 65 laps on qualifying pace. Awesome! ? ?

Last Holden race and win?