Australian version of Top Gear

Who wouldn't want to watch a Sigma vs Bluebird comparison? :lol::lol:

*rubs hands together*

I dearly love to see that! :mrgreen: I'd love to see Torque, sounds quite good!
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There are some clips of Torque available here, though no reviews.


Thanks for that, although it's a bit of a tease! How good would it be if the ABC released full episodes of Torque, either on DVD or online? Whilst a lot of the content (i.e. car reviews) would be more of historical value than anything, some of the general motoring concepts - such as, for example, the clip about driving when stressed - is just as relevant today as ever.
The national film archives might have some of torque...
When I've watched for the first time TGA, I liked the innocent feelings that I've felt and the cosy atmosphere. The show was excellent despite I can't understand all of the language because their accent it's hard for me to understand because I nearly understand UK accent since i am a romanian guy from Romania.

Now, after the failure of the TGUK after 2013, I know and I understand how hard it has been for the TGA to be successful. In fact, it was 100% impossible and 100% posible for a failure simply because it was a show copied after 3 man, not after a show and all the people wanted more Clarkson, Richard and May and nothing more. And because it was released exactly in the time that TGUK was o a big wave, a huge one, the preasure was even more.
Despite all of that, the TGA was great in my opinion only for the first 2 seasons.
Personally, it's very relaxing for me to watch these seasons and I watch them once a year, they are greatly increase in my mind after the new and more new more rubbish of the new TGUK. And now I understand why TGA was born dead.

From the TGA the best presentator for me was Warren Brown, a "perfect" kind of guy for a show like Top Gear, who was excellent in the first season and only good in the second one just because it was less enthusiastic, but I understand that perfectly because it's extremely hard and difficult to take so so much criticism after the first season.

Now, for me, season 01 and 02 of the TGA is a classic one, a 10 out of 10 mode to relax and enjoy a cosy and warm atmosphere and for that I am grateful and I thank you very much to anyone, if somebody from the show is reading this haos of a writing. :)

Thank you all, especially Mr Warren Brown who is a joy for me to watch.