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Feb 19, 2005
Hi i thing everybody of us know autocar...And i wonder, if there is a page, where can i download older parts of this magazine in PDF?? And sorry, if i putted this topic in a bad section.

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I hope seeing posts like this isn't going to become a regular thing :unsure:

To answer your question, try googling "autocar archives", without the quotes.
where do u get magazines?
i think they used to have in lokitorrent.i wanna get next months playboy

off topic!!!
andy is celbrating now that he has got over 2000 posts!!ahaha and now he is aiming to beat daniel's post count..andy is a fool
Is this pirating?? You mean it seriously?? Many and many magazines are on the web...I'm buying autocar regurarly!!!!!!!!!...But i didn't read some good ones...for example test with Ford Focus RS, or with Lambo Gallardo...SO IS IT TOO BAD???I can download topgear on this page and this is legally?? You are kidding??