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.avi files cannot be deleted!


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Jan 12, 2005
Southern Finland
Hi there.

I've had this problem before and I had fixed it, but I was forced to format my discs and re-install the Windows XP Pro that I have. And now the problem is back.

I've got some .avi and one .exe files that cannot be deleted because "the files is in use" by some program. I recall this had something to do with windows trying to index video files or something and you had to modify the registry to fix it.

Does anyone know what to do?
Enter the command prompt (start / run / cmd) and try to delete from there. Probably a broken or incomplete video file.
An easier way to do it, if you have Nero, is to delete it using its File Explorer.
Also if you want to turn the video preview off:
Thanks to swek for the info ;)

1) Open a command window (Start->Run, type in 'cmd' hit enter)
2) To remove media preview, type and hit enter
regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll

(In case you want your folders start crashing again :lol:)
3) To readd media preview, type and hit enter
regsvr32 shmedia.dll
also for future reference if the cmd does not work then start up in safe mode then enter windows command prompt to delete it. I have been forced to do that on occasion.
What happens when you highlight a file or move the pointer over it is that Windows reads the file so that it can give you the summary information and to do this it reads the whole file and it locks the file as in use until it has finished. If you wait long enough for it to finish reading the file and the file is still highlighted, you can just hit the "delete" key to delete it. If it is a big file it can take quite a while.
is there a simple way to move a file when it says that?

like a video you downloaded but that's not playing, stupid windows doesn't let you move them sometimes...