Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]


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Mar 6, 2005
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The Awesome Thread has recently been getting a strong infiltration of cars. So why not have a dedicated automotive edition.

Same idea as the other one, except only car related awesomeness here please.
All things awesome here, pics stories, vids, links. not necessarily cool or funny, just awesome.

I'll start with these.
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This is quite awesome in my opinion

Here are the specs from the actual car used in the movie:

Engine: V12
Transmission: 4 speed automatic
Suspension: KYB Gas Adjust Shocks
Eibach Racing Springs
Custom fabricated front and rear sway bars
Wheels: 15" Aero Beadlock wheels
Tires: Front- Toyo Proxes TPT 225/60R 15
Rear- Toyo Proxes S/T 295/50R 15
Brakes: Stock Braking System
Stunt Modifications: Roll Cage
Kirkey aluminum racing seats
RCI 5 point harnesses
CNC hand brake
RCI fuel cell
Battery moved to battery box in trunk
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I'm reposting these from the Awesome Thread because they belong in this thread as well.


The Napier-Railton is AWESOME! A 73 year old car with a 600hp 27L W12 aircraft engine.

Also there is the Napier Bentley which is based on a Bentley 8 Liter chassis. It's got a Napier 24L W12 aircraft engine making ~550hp:





p.s That Camaro is niiiccceee :D
While we're on the subject


Wow! Talk about minimalism.

And look at the brakes. They're huge in diameter but tiny in contact area.

Sorry, I've managed to bring nerdiness to a thread about awesome. I fail.
1929 Ford Model A

Powered by a twin-cam cosworth I4
1929 Ford Model A

Powered by a twin-cam cosworth I4

Can we see that thing lap the TG track. Please?
And here is a video of it running. The wail is intoxicating.

I love how it looks absolutely stock, and even the engine looks more or less original.
Can you say ultimate sleeper?