Awesome Thread... [Automotive Edition]

Depends. Did I design the system to mount it or did a proper engineer?

And here I thought they were the same person.
Not if it's me. I tend to overbuild things so they don't fall apart. That's not to say I haven't had some failures.
Wish granted, your structure is extremely strong and won't break. However, it's now on the floor with a big section of wall attached to it. :p
Another one of the "X towing Y", albeit it is entirely possible that the front one is just parked in front of the trailer without the trailer being hooked up to it...

I know on the video he says Top Fuel Dragsters accelerate faster, and obviously they do, but I don't think you even have to be at that level to beat this in straightline acceleration.

I looked up that it takes the Mythen .956 and 12.3 meters to accelerate to 100 kph. Rough math says that's about 40 feet. We often have bracket class dragsters accelerate to the 60 foot in less than 1 second, usually in the .98 to .99 range.

I know, two different style of vehicles, and the Mythen is a very capable one at that, just interesting to me.
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That thing is so quick it's at 100 kph before you properly have a chance to realise what's going on, and react accordingly (screaming in deathly fear and agony seems to be the correct response)

Interesting to see the amount of padding they need for the headrest/back....several consecutive runs would be quite painful I think
Holy moly - how can balls as huge as his fit under that differential? :blink: