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Azureus advice....

Flying Banana

Mar 22, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
Sorry if this has been posted before but couldn't find anything relevant after doing a forum search.

I only got Azureus installed a short while ago after finding this site so am new to bittorrent downloading. Done lot's of googling and reading but no simple answers to b e found.

Basically I'm getting downloads starting off at a half decent rate (30-40 kbs) but it doesn't take them long until they have slowed down to 10-15 kbs which is hopeless for some files which are 1GB or above.

I am on a 1.5Mb dwnld/256Mb upld ADSL line and have made sure the port forwarding is all sorted. I am getting a green face on the the 'My Torrents' Window so I assume the connection is fine.

I understand that too much upload will kill download speed so on the 'show details' tab for the torrent I have set it at Max Uploads 3 and Max Up speed 20kb/s. Up till about 30% downloaded this was giving me a 35 kbs download. With no changes it is now crawling at 9.7kbs download and 19.9kbs upload.

The details are saying there are Seeds 6 connected (9 in swarm) and Peers 16 connected (49 in swarm) Total speed 348.1 kb/s

I'm assuming being a daft noob I've set something wrong hence the ridiculously slow download rate, if anyone out there who knows bittorrent properly could suggest what to do to set up Azureus properly would be grateful (except for suggestions along the line of - 'take the computer back to the shop as yer too stupid to use it' ;) :lol: lol)
torrents are not always fast, keep in mind it all depends on the other people's connections, u can have 50seeds, but if all are on 56k then dont expect miracles :)
your settings seem to be ok, just give it some time, be patient and sooner or later u will get down the stuff u want ;)
I have two settings. Unlimited when I'm not useing my computer. And the other one is where i limit the upload to 35kb\s, makes for a much more pleasent internet surfing experiance.
Your settings are ok... Hell, sometimes the dl's are crawling and sometimes they are flying... It also depends which countries use the tracker most...
The piratebay one has tons of people with fast lines -> fast dl
German trackers with german movies have tons of people with a max of 16kb/s up... So its really slow... The standard flatrate in Germany is a 1024/128...

I used Azureus when I first used torrents, it was ok, and had lots of features, but stopped as soon as I found ABC, much simpler and Java problems, also easy to continue downloads on another machine, just copy the partly done files.
Then Shareaza came out, wow, it can do BT, Magnet, ED2k, and more. and its fast too. :D
Thanks for all the advice guys, much appreciated.

I had a fiddle with some of the settings while I wasn't doing anything else and found if I switch my Max Download speed for the torrent from '0' (Unlimited) to 100 the download shot up to nearly 50kb/s and stayed above 30 kb/s for the rest of the download.
Weird... But if it works... Hey!!!