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Hi just wondering about the filters in Azereus if u have the tvshow, with the episode/season and smart history selected ? As I can't seem to get that to work with your feed ? Using mininova it works fine!

Try this:

mmm.... nope doesn't work either, weird !

the only trouble with putting 0's in is that it will pick up all Top Gear episodes, even re-posts, and I already have quite a few ! Really only want the latest episodes.
Here is my setup, have also deleted all the history... but still no luck...




All my other filters are working for my other shows !! and using the history too.

Add this to the "Test match" box and click "Test": Top.Gear.S08.E06.PDTV.XviD

It'll turn green if it's a match.
Nope, doesn't work. (RED) :x

BUT.... if i remove the dot between the S08E06 it works. :p

so i think the file names need to change from Top.Gear.S08.E06 PDTV.XviD to Top.Gear.S08E06 PDTV.XviD is this possible ? Also the same with the Fifth Gear episodes !

This is from the Azureus RSSFeed scanner plugin help file :
This plugin can recognize most of the common formats like:
s1e01, 1x01, s01e01-02, 01x01-02, 01x01-01x02, 01x01+02

Not working :

And with the dot removed, it will work :

Oh, you're right, S00E00 is the scene standard. Fixing.
can someone who uses uTorrent and has it working also post a guide to it. just want to make sure i dont miss anothee Ep :eek:
thanks mate! i knew the URL went in there just didnt know about the rest. If you leave the filter clear will it then pick up both top gear and fifth gear?and once all of it is set as shown. is that all that you have to do ??? or do you somehow have to activate it
"Gear" should do.
Wow what a wonderfully helpful thing you did there. Im having a drink in your name.:cheers:
uTorrent handles the FG redirect without a hitch for me.
Yeah, but Azureus doesn't, at least not at the time I wrote that guide. :(
Are there any Mac users around? I'm using Azureus on a Mac, and tried the RSS Feed. I got the plugin installed, configured the Feed and the Filter so that the Status Tab shows all the episodes from the current season of Top Gear and the last season of Fifth Gear. I tested the filter for Top Gear and it showed green like it should. :cool:

But for some reason, the newest episode woudn't start downloading. After trying different options for some time it still wouldn't start, so I got the 11x04 the old fashioned way. Is there something I have over-looked, or should the Feed start downloading (or atleast moving the files to queue) automatically, when it finds the correct RSS feed and the filter finds the files I want? :blink:

Edit: It's working now. Restarting Azureus seems have done the trick. :D
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