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Azureus updated to another language!

Z Draci

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Mar 31, 2005
Glendora/Riverside, CA
I left Azureus running while I was away from home. When I returned, I found that my PC had automatically restarted and was running a new version of Azureus.

I have the English Windows XP but I have Japanese as a language setting. Azureus detected this setting and automatically decided to install the Japanese version.

How can I change it back to English?
:lol: WTF?

Tools -> Options (or press Ctrl+,)

Interface (4th one down, the 2nd to have a + next to it) -> Language (first one down) -> English
Ahhh, there we go. Thanks Viper!

Sometimes I'm afraid to let my PC run because I never know what it'll do while I'm gone!
At least I got to seed for the whole day. :thumbsup: