May I just say that it's gonna look exactly like that when it comes out again, and that giving birth to it will be very painful?! ...still worth it though...
yeah the meat bun sort of looks like a turd. I prefer the "cheese roll" bacon mix.

this thread has me literally drooling though, screw the arteries
Yeah 2 rolls, large Pepsi, chicken MCnuggets, 4 large fries, Top Gear season 4 on your computer or dvd, and some chocolate icecream to top it all - will make a good quick lunch, and as a bonus, you won't have to go to work or anywhere else ever again. So you might say - "Bacon Overdose gives you wings, literally..."
Needs cheese.


I am not sure how i feel about all the spice rubs and bbq sauce they mix into it (tho i kinda dig the glaze idea) If i do attempt this monstrocity and i am seriously considering it. I think i will mix cheese into the inner bacon layer (i am thinking pepper jack) now my only question is do we think the cheese will "break" and just get super retarded greasy instead of just super greasy. What if i left one side open and put the log on an angle would that allow the grease to drain slightly?

TL:DR adding cheese to the filling. Best plan ever or full of saddness and fail?
Well, as retarded at it may sound..."american" cheese holds up well to melting without breaking.
Well, as retarded at it may sound..."american" cheese holds up well to melting without breaking.

i said cheese not "cheese food" but yeah i suppose i should look into other kinds of cheese that will work...
I would consider some of the nicer American cheeses to be on par with a fairly crappy, but real, cheddar or cheddar/colby blend. The Land O Lakes actually isn't bad (from a deli counter), and it really melts well. No greasy dripping.
I think this could be the greatest invention i've ever seen!

New-style Teasmade wakes you with freshly cooked bacon

A bizarre new alarm clock uses the smell of freshly cooked bacon to wake you up in the morning.


The Wake n'Bacon clock will cook a frozen rasher, placed inside the clock the night before Photo: BNPS

The Wake n'Bacon clock cooks a frozen rasher for 10 minutes before the time you need to rise from your slumber.
Designer Matty Sallin says the sizzling sound combined with the classic aroma is enough to wake you.
The user is also welcomed by the almost-instant breakfast of a bacon sandwich in bed.
Mr Sallin altered a regular alarm clock so that instead of a sound going off, two halogen lamps are switched on.
The lamps then take 10 minutes to cook a piece of bacon that was placed inside the clock the night before.
The user can leave some bread and ketchup by the side of their bed to make up the bacon sandwich.
Mr Sallin, from New York, USA, said: "No one likes to be woken up, especially by an alarm.
"This clock gently wakes you with the mouthwatering aroma of bacon, just like waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of mum cooking breakfast."
The Wake n'Bacon is the modern version of the enduringly popular Teasmade, an alarm clock that switches on to brew a cup of tea.
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Does anyone have the Jim Gaffigan "bacon" video? All of the posted links seem to be dead.

Preferably, in a format that I can download (my youtube/flv converter software is on the fritz...)