goddamit now I have to go do that... it looks meatalicious!
Right! Enough of this amateur malarkey. It's time to bring in the professionals.


Now that is a bacon sandwich.

When I saw that Ironlord it seriously took me a full minute to stop laughing. Damn that's a sandwich. Definitely deserving of +rep for that creation. :mrgreen:
I know what I shall be preparing for Easter dinner....turbaconducken!

Holy crap!
Is it actually possible to eat any of that without dying from a massive heart-attack after like...two bites?

Speaking of which, anyone seen Ironlord recently? He isn't dead from eating that massive and awesome bacon sandwich? :p

Bacon Burger Dog With Cheese

Hot dog wrapped in cheese, wrapped in ground beef, wrapped in bacon.
Put it on a bun with chili and some sauted onions top with a fried egg and you have a hamdog