This is a Bacon-Wrapped Macaroni And Cheese Meatloaf

^ Am I in heaven? :eek:
Man my cholesterol count is going through the roof just reading this thread...

But MMMMMM...bacon. :D
Yum man, how do you make it? (I could google but I'm eating microwaved bacon at the moment, and I want some meatloaf and macaroni cheese wif it)
I don't know exactly (I didn't make it); it'll probably take around the same time as a normal meatloaf.

bacon = pigs

pigs = cops
That looks quite good for a first attempt. :eek:

How long did that entire slab last? :p
i have to ask... how do you feel about the bacon and itialian sausage? I keep thinking i should maybe switch italian sausage for Kielbasa or Bratwurst which i think would go better with the bacon and bbq sauce than italian...
Entire thing lasted 2 days among 5 people.

I didn't use Italian sausage because I don't like it, so I substituted Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage.
Instead of BBQ sauce, it needs maple syrup. :p
oh SA what would be do without you
I've yet to see any real bacon in this thread.


Streaky bacon is for jerks and lesbians.