anyone ever seen this?



it's an art project of Jan Fabre, all columns are wrapped in bacon and sealed off with cellophane foil. it didn't help...after a week it smelled like...dead meat

some other projects by belgian "artists"

cloaca by Wim Delvoye - you put in food on one end, shit comes out at the other


a pot of mossels by Broodthaers - sold for 335 000$

art :rolleyes:
ROFL that bacon pillar is awesome.

Imagine chomping the whole pillar of bacon!
^ Imagine if it ended up in a Simpsons episode. Homer would probably cut a hole in at the bottom and suck out the grease.
Mmmmm...bacon pillar grease.
<-- is eating a piece of bacon right now :D
for anyone whos never thought to try it.. got a recommendation from my local butcher that he will wrap corn with bacon, and then grill it. so all that uber bacon drippings gets all in the corn.

best corn on the cobb you'll ever eat!

and if its just bacon by itself... doused in some Grade B maple syrup makes it even more win! or maybe with some grits... mmmmm...

/me goes to check the supply status of his applewood smoked bacon in the fridge...
A friend of mine was on the all-meat, no carbs diet for a while. By following the guidelines, you could in theory eat a stick of butter wrapped in bacon...but you couldn't have an apple.

Bacon AK47!
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Time for some bacon porn!

Starting off with chicken fried bacon:


Fuck hotdogs....ESPN needs to show this:


And an epic bacon explosion:


Bacon AK47!


even more because bacon is a rare, expensive treat. i have never eaten a bacon sandwich, i don't even know how to make them
even more because bacon is a rare, expensive treat. i have never eaten a bacon sandwich, i don't even know how to make them

That is quite possibly the most tragic story I have ever heard, someone needs to contact the "Make a Wish" foundation for gaasc. We should take up a collection and fly klankymen to Honduras to remedy the problem.
Epic bacon awesomeness

Jesus tittyfucking Christ.

*Must have bacon mints...must have bacon jellybeans....bacon air fresheners...bacon....bacon.....sweet sweet bacon....* :drool:
I'd buy the bacon bandaids.

Yeah, imagine they were real bacon...:D

Actor: "Ohh no my bacon has torn"
Catchy Jingle: "When your bacon breaks don't hesitate, fix it with bacon bandaides."
Actor: "Thank you bacon bandaides, now my bacon is back to normal."