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Bad News...


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Sep 21, 2003
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VUK said:
dang i am kinda P***ED OFF because I missed the top gear, it was 1 hour early tonight :(

Has anyone in UK recorded it on VHS? Is it posible for me to borrow it so i can make a WMV or AVI of it.


PS: I am doing this to share it with you!
So looks like we probably won't have this week's Top Gear (the 14th).
Thats ok, aslong as he has Fifth Gear.
Hopefully he'll get it tomorrow.
damn, what about getting it if its rebroadcast? they do that when they are on vacation right?
sorry 9 missed it guys!!

no1 expected it 1 hour early :(

anyway I am reeady to record fifth gear tonight
Only one less! you do already a lot for all of us, don't feel bad becasue you missed one :wink:
You should be ashamed at yourself, missing one episode of Top Gear. :wink:
I don't care, I don't download that anyway.
I don't really like Clarkson, he dosn't drive the cars as good as Tiff, and he needs/needed the Stig to do all his driving because he is teh suck.
Haha...his driving do really suck which he juz proved in MPH03 event he hosted in london. He crashed a Caterham while reversing. Tiff Needell drives so much better and he does really good powerslides...too bad he loses to The Stig in the lap race event. Wonder did anyone in the UK watched MPH03?
Where can I get the episode of Tiff vs the Stig? sounds Interesting.

And yeah Clarkson sucks. Just remeber the new Elise. He said the old one was better casue he couldn't powerslide the new one. Then a Lotus engineer came and drive it sideways like only Tiff can do. The look on Clarkson's face was priceless :lol:
Ya Thats okay. Sounds like the only thing we missed was the test between the Porsche GT and the new Mercedes SLR. Thats okay its cool. I just want to see the new top gear. Clarkson sucks at driving but i think he is very good at reviewing the cars.

Thanks, love the new site. Hope to see the new shows soon.

Thanks for the link to the SLR vid. It's a great vid...kinda of disappointed that the SLR wasn't made out to be as good as I thought. The plastic interior is a real disappointment. I can still remember the Mclaren F1 has gold linings in the engine bay as it was the best heat reflecter. A car costing so much shouldn't have something so cheap as plastic in it.

Oh by the way, does anyone have a link to download the other two reviews from top gear? The Porsche Cayeene and the MG SV? :lol:
Well, JW has it... ;)
Thanks!! Got both of the shows...
The Porsche look really hideous...hahahaha!
But it's off road capabilities is truely atonishing..
The MG though....it's sad that MG/Rover has to come to this....they are really broke and the interior is so sad looking...hopefully things can turn around for them.
MercedesAMG said:
tiff might be a better driver than clarkson.. but clarkson does give u a good laugh..lol
Agreed. :)
i gto the epsiode now, AI format 280MB excelent quality