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Jan 9, 2011
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So who here bakes? Post some pictures and your recipes of what you've made. :)

Today I made some Coconut Tart. It's pretty easy to make actually but it tastes so good.

But here's what I make frequently...

Coconut Tart down the front. Apple Pie back left, and a Cheese an Onion pie back right. The thing you can see on the far right is a thrown together Eccles Cake.

I also made me own birthday cake last year 'cause I've never had one before. XD

It's something I'm getting into, although since I don't have a sweet tooth particularly and being much more of a savoury person I'm not particularly motivated.

However I am willing to share my grandmother's recipe for what has always been known in the family as Krunchie. It's a piece of piss to make, really tasty, and unlike the usual flapjack isn't pasty looking or sickly sweet.

Krunchie - aka the World?s Best Flapjack

Melt 4oz butter, 4oz margarine and two large dessertspoons of syrup together in a pan over a low heat.

Meanwhile combine in a bowl:
8oz Porridge oats
6oz Brown sugar
4oz Self-raising flour
1tsp Baking powder
1 Pinch of salt

Add the melted butter and syrup to the dry ingredients and stir well, making sure there are no dry bits.

Press into a lightly-greased square or rectangular tin and bake for 25 minutes at gas mark 6 (check after 20 to make sure it isn?t catching as ovens vary).

Remove from the oven and mark into squares or rectangles while still hot, then allow to cool before cutting.
Me and my wife love baking. I'm more into the rustic, old-fashioned stuff like pies and tarts (but with a twist, will post my recipe of my maple-pecan apple tart soon), while my wife is all into the whole decorating thing. Combines rather nice.
Am writing that down 'cause it sounds good. Might try it sometime. In fact it's kinda reminding me of Parkin what with all the syrup an' butter an' that. :) We make Parkin a lot too but that sounds like a nice change actually.

ANDIT'SINOUNCES!!! >_< I can't really operate in grams or cups. Our Parkin recipe is in cups but it's pretty haphazard you can just lob it together without paying much attentionreally.

I mek me own Cinder Toffee ice cream an all. Haven't made any sin' New Years though.

EDIT: In fact, 'ere's our Parkin recipe. Pay no attention to me mother going on about table spoons of bicarb in 'cause she's well daft. The recipe is in the more section on the youtube page.
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It's not as dark as Parkin, which iirc uses treacle rather than syrup (please post your recipe here - I haven't had Parkin since I was a nipper).

And as for the Cinder Toffee Ice Cream...... :drool:

I can has that one too?
Ooh Cinder Toffee Ice Cream is dead easy to make.

Cinder Toffee:
5 table spoons of sugar
1 teaspoon of Bicarb of Soda

Melt the sugar down on a medium to high heat till it starts to bubble, then add a teaspoon of bicarb. Quickly stir it in but not too much, you don't wanna stir all the bubbles out. Pour the mixture into a small shallow-ish cake tin lined with a bit of greased baking paper. Leave that to set and cool down, then break it up into chunks.

Ice Cream:
1 Pint of Whipping cream
1 tin of Condensed Milk
1 tablespoon of vodka

Whip the cream up a bit so it gets to a sort of ribbony/floppy texture, then beat in the condensed milk and vodka till it becomes quite stiff. Fold in the cinder toffee and crumbly bits then put that into a freezer proof bowl or tupperware box and leave to freeze over night. You don't need to stir this ice cream every few hours so you can just chuck it int freezer an leave it with no faffing about. :)
I am going to make that next weekend!

And while I have no objections to it since I'm a huge fan of the stuff, but why the vodka?

PS Marry me? ;)
Oh I posted that vid of me mam mekin Parkin, the recipe's on there to but don't listen to her. XD

Well you put something like vodka in ice cream to stop it from freezing right the way through rock solid. Without it just meks it inedible and bends yer spoons. You can add a bit more if you want it a bit more creamier but I like me ice cream kinda rigid. Like Mackies ice cream. Just get it out the freezer a few minutes before you serve it.

Awwwww. XD Sorry but my Lancastrian lard-arse has been claimed.
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I love eating baked goods, does that count?

That Perkin sounds pretty tasty, and I've been wanting to try Eccles cake for a while now. They don't put currants into anything here...

I did make my own corn bread a couple of times. It turns out pretty good since it's so incredibly simple to make, but it's rather pointless for me to make because I don't cook and corn bread was meant to be had with food.
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Hahaha yeah I guess it could! XD You could always recommend recipes for other folk to try out or summat, just call dibs ont first bit!! :p

Yeah we do a lot of curranty stuff especially int North of England. There's Chorley Cakes too, not much different to an Eccles Cake apart from't name really. o_O They're good though with about an inch of best butter on. :)

I've only ever clapped eyes on corn bread ONCE last time I was in California. I also, cracked up at "Breakfast Burritos."
Shawn, I think you got a little confused there.

This is Parkin


And this is Perkin


He was one of the Flumps.

Ironically they also had Lancashire accents! :lol:
I make some chocolate chip/oatmeal/nut cookies that everyone who eats says they're some of the best cookies they've ever had. I've had friends literally force people who don't believe them to eat one. Of course the recipe is best made in full batch form which yields about 10-12 dozen cookies and even better when mixed by hand instead of machine (not too easy and very time consuming considering this batch is about a gallon or a bit more in volume). The key is blending the oatmeal to a consistency of flour. And maybe the 4 different kinds of chocolate I use. :lol:

I'm also fond of making New York style cheesecakes, although the last couple have been underbaked because the ancient oven in my apartment is utter junk. It's pissing me off.
I like Gala and Fuji apples.
Would you like the recipe?
I was going to guess a Brazilian apple...:p

I highly recommend this book. It takes all of the terror some may experience out of baking with yeast. I now rarely buy bread in the store anymore, homemade is just...better.